Key Series T18NC lightning deal with coupon code at $63

The T18NC currently has a lightning deal that prices it at $105. Using the code CHEAPT18NC gets you extra $42 off. The T18NCs are currently on sale for about $63.


That is an impressive discount, surprised they stack, ends up being over 50% off for now.

Thinking about it, not quite ready to pull the trigger yet though.

The branding on these is still weird to me. Doesn’t actually mention Aukey anywhere. And this particular model isn’t on Aukey’s website either.


Thats an excellent deal :+1::+1::+1:

Bugger, no shipping to Eire or UK.
That’s a seriously good deal and those get fantastic reviews.
It’s definitely the first ANC earbuds I have seen under 100 quid.
They are part of the Key series, legit and all :+1:

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Nice share. That’s a fantastic price! :fire:

Not as good but if you use KS30 discount code buying on you get 30% discount :slightly_smiling_face:

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