Key Series EP-T18NC higher mid frequency vocals distortion

I’ve gotten a pair recently. Is there an app to adjust the EQ? The earbuds sounded too sharp. Vocals are producing the zzzzzzz sound alot examples the vocals in the front of the track below.

It’s rather painful to listen to. I tried third party equaliser app but it kills the bass and the zzzz still remains .

Kindly advice if there’s anything I can do. I’ve tested the same tracks on other earbuds and headphones. They all sounded fine

Thank you

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What player/device are you using, if a phone, then what phone etc?
Have you tried connecting to a different device and listen through there?
Just asking to ensure it’s the earphones and not the source of the music.
And also, what other earphones have you tried?

I’m using Huawei P30 pro. Yes have tested on other devices and sounded the same.
I’m listening from Spotify . I tested using other ear buds and headphones on this phone as well and doesn’t have that issue.

Is yours sounding ok?

I haven’t gotten them yet, I was asking to try and eliminate possible causes.
Huawei P30 Pro is a very good device, good choice :+1:
I would try and listen from a different source than Spotify to be honest and troubleshoot from there.
I would love to be of better help but it will be another few weeks before I get a pair of them.
Obviously you could be unlucky to have gotten a faulty pair but they are a premium product and it could as easily just be a sound setting you have missed, as an example, if I use concert hall setting in Samsung Sound Assistant I get a very different sound profile that I don’t really like but I’m sure it is supposed to be like that and others might like it or it’s perfect for different music.

The problem is the earbuds doesn’t come with any apps and no matter how I use the build-in Dolby Atmos equaliser to reduce the mid to higher frequency distortion still remains. The bass is powerful though, it’s comparable to momentum 3. However sounds like claps you noticed the missing mid tone range there. Instead of plak plak plak… it’s pleek pleek pleek. I’m not a picky listener but the distortion and missing tones are too obvious. I was expecting something better from a 13mm driver.

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Might be an idea to contact support, even if there’s no defect and it is a new product, they have most likely been asked loads of questions already and have some idea that you and I might not think of.
I hope it works out for you, please do report back to us

I think you can tune the equaliser settings directly on Spotify

Unfortunately there’s no EQ in Spotify . Also doubt it has anything to do with Spotify. Except for the high mid range the bass is amazing. Far better than Sony wf1000xm3. And it’s the league of WH1000XM3 and Momentum 3.

And one more thing, the call quality is very bad when outside in slight noisy environments, my caller says my voice is totally inaudible.

A quick summary of my experience with Aukey T18NC.
Pros +

  1. Lightweight
  2. Fit my ear well with the largest ear tips
  3. IPX 5 rating
  4. Bass is tight and punchy. In the league of Momentum M3 and Sony WH1000XM3
  5. Brighter and clearer than the Sony WF1000XM3
  6. More highs that aipod pro, infact too much.
  7. ANC works.


  1. Lack of lower vocal mid range
  2. No control of upper mids and highs alot of zzzzzz and ssssss on vocal and cymbals, very ear piercing, I believe a firmware can fix that.
  3. Hand Claps sounded thin. Suppose to be blap blap but now it’s bleet bleet.
  4. ANC about 60% of airpod pro
  5. Unable to block any wind noise
  6. Very poor call quality in slightly noisy environment like cafe.
  7. No app to customised sound
  8. Lack of tuning
  9. Frequently get disconnected and out of sync for the left and right earbuds.

I believe most Cons can be solved by a firmware update, unfortunately there isn’t an app for that. If all the above are fixed. This earbuds can be easily valued at 180.00USD or more

I think there are plans for an app
Saw this on the app store

But I couldn’t locate an Android version and I don’t think the app supports t18nc yet

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Can we confirm if there’s an app in the works for key series headphones?

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Seems it’s for another model only.

I can’t find any specific app for the T18
Maybe try this email
I think maybe is geared more directly towards that product end of Aukey

I can’t seem to open over here. Am I the only one experiencing this?

What browser do you use?
I’m using Samsung Internet on my phone (Note 10 plus)
And it works fine

There is a EQ in Spotify, you need to go the settings since is not available directly from the player. Regarding been better then the Sony WF-1000-XM3 I’m not sure, they are actually really impressive.

EDIT - the below might be for the Wearband/Wearbuds only.
I found a YouTube video presentation and asked about an app for the T18 there, maybe another random viewer knows.

Original post below—

I found an app called Wearbuds by Aukey, it is not getting the best score at the moment but it does seem fairly new so worth a try maybe.

I’m not sure I think they have removed the equaliser sometimes back. Are you able to share a screenshot?
I tried the Wf1000xm3 they sounded pretty boring actually the bass is more boomy type and not as punchy as the bigger brother WH series and also the aukey T18NC, aukey ones are very tight and low. Sony’s ones see more boomy.

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