Just Received My First Aukey Launch Giveaway Prize!

This weekend, the AUKEY T-21 true wireless earbuds graced my doorstep! I’m excited to try them out! I would do an unboxing write-up on Get Eggcentric, but I feel that type of content has been overdone.

As my fellow community members, what would you like to see? I’m open to any suggestions, whether it be a video or written blog review. However, I have a background in content writing, and not a vlogging studio mockup yet for any videos. BUT, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.

So, again, what would you guys like to see that hasn’t been covered? :thinking: :+1:


Since it is part of the giveaway and not the testing your not tied down with having to be to serious about it, so plenty of humour and some silly pics :grin:


As with what @JSH1973 said take as long as you need for your review. Video would be cool but not necessary (unless if you are uploading to YouTube). Defo take pictures


I’m not a big fan of unboxing - battery life, sound quality, and fit and feel are the three things relevant to me. But obviously whatever is fun for you to do.


Glad to know @Heatsource :+1: congrats and good luck with your review
Just tell us why should we buy it? if that makes sense :thinking:

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Congratulations!!! A review would be great!

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Congratulations! I’m really enjoying my pair, battery life is terrific and they are very comfortable to wear.

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Glad to hear you’ve received them!

I’d love to see what you think in general, so go wild with what you think - any kind of review would be great :smiley:

Congratulations @Heatsource :clap: :clap:

Hope you enjoy them!

Congrats on winning. Would love to see pics and hear your thoughts on them.