June Top AUKIE | Community & Instagram Comp 👏

Every month, we select a Top AUKEY Fan! This month, we’re continuing the fun, with more snaps and ideas to get you involved.

This month, we’re looking for AUKEY moments - this could be using your powerbank outdoors on a run, enjoying a hike outdoors and snapping beautiful pics with our #AUKEYlens or even reading a book next to one of our lamps that creates relaxing, soft hues.

Whatever it may be, we love seeing your pics! Share them with us here and on Instagram - @AUKEYofficial to be in for the chance to win this month’s prize! :trophy:



Would love to win

Fantastic! Welcome to the Community :slight_smile:

Share and you’ll certainly have a chance to win :camera_flash:

Nice competition :+1:

Looks like this is going to be an on-going event

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Thanks! Nice and easy competition!

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Sign me up!

Welcome Jim! :smiley:

Send us an image here or share on Instagram :camera_flash:

Yes, the social media guys enjoyed the collaboration between the Community and themselves, so it made sense to run it again :slight_smile:

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I would use a picture of my powerbank charging my phone after a long day in London, except:

  • Lockdown, so no long day sin London (yay)
  • I got a new phone with a decent battery
  • My sone has adopted my powerbank to charge up the batteries on his RC car :laughing:

PS - Hello, new to the community :wave:

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Welcome @grahami

Nice to see more Brits join here! :smiley:

Well, see what you can do about the house :thinking:

Nice, I need to start tagging my Aukey products when I share them.

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I haven’t been able to post much this month (I discovered Pokemon Go) but I have been relying on Aukey to help me push through at home and on the go. I have this picture of my home battlestation that is used by my girlfriend and I for work and play. We love the 12W light and the desk is awesome!!! I’m loving the headphones and I plan on getting the mouse next. Cheers! -Scott


Nice setup there :grin:

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Looks fantastic! Nice shot :smiley:

Top AUKEY Fan this month goes to…