J'ai perdu ma boîte de mes ecouteur aukey EPT 10

bonjour je voulais savoir s’il etai possible d’acheter une boîte d’écouteur aukey EPT10 seul sans les écouteurs. J’ai mis mes écouteurs , mon enfant a du jouer avec la boîte et il me la perdu. Je voulais savoir comment faire s’il y avai un autre moyen de recharge , s’il fallait tout racheter et ou .merci beaucoup Cordialement


Thanks for your question - i’ll refer this question to one of our French colleagues to answer :slight_smile:

There you go @Dane_AUKEY , translated :wink:

hello I wanted to know if it was possible to buy a headphone box at the EPT10 alone without the headphones. I put on my headphones, my kid had to play with the box and he lost it to me. I wanted to know how to do if there was another means of recharging, if it was necessary to buy everything and or.

Adding Support personnel @Kelly_AUKEY

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Thanks for that :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, we do not sell the charging case separately - and that means you’ll have to repurchase it :frowning: