Issues with cb-c71 USB Hub

I purchased the cb-c71 USB Hub for my Lenovo Duet Chromebook.
When I plug it to the Chromebook, the ports of the hubs work fine for about 2 minute, then all the ports stop working. I’m able just to recharge the decive connecting the charger to the usb-c port of the Hub.

Looking at the logs, it seems that all the ports of the Hub are disconnected after 2 minutes.

I’m not sure if it’s not compatible with the Lenovo Duet. Any suggestion on how to solve this issue?


Hi @dariolabate,

Thanks for joining the community. Could you please provide me your order number and email address? I will report it to our customer service department directly.

I purchased it on Amazon, let me know if you need details of the order.
My email address is