Issue with L and R earbuds refusing to sync (EP-27)

Hello, I’ve had my pair of EP-27s since late last year, and just recently am finding that both sides refuse to pair together. I’ve gone through every troubleshooting step recommended and nothing has helped so far. I’ve been enjoying these a lot and this issue is incredibly disappointing…

Same here. A bought it few days ago. No respod from support.

I guys support is a little busy these days and response time are taking longer.

What device are you trying to connect iPhone, Android, or PC? Please tell us more about what you’ve tried.

I do not own this pair of TWS but I have had similar issues with other brands and another model from Aukey. For me I was able to get my working by unpairing from device >> resetting TWS >> Pair again. Sometimes it take 2 tries but mostly it syncs up on the first try.

In iPhone, I’ve tried over and over again and they refuse to sync to one another. Shows up as L and R in Bluetooth but neither pairs both, only singular earbuds.

Please make sure that the headset has sufficient power.
Please pay attention to check whether there is interference from other Bluetooth devices around.
Please press and hold the touch button of the headset for ten seconds to reset the headset.

Please try to reset the headset by pressing the function button of the headset for ten seconds.

Thank you! :grinning:

Tried this, earbuds still refuse to connect to each other. I can connect to either L or R but neither makes audio come through both. I’ve reset upwards of 10 times to no avail.