Issue Aukey BR08

Good evening,
If the distance between the transmitter and the receiver is more than 60M, would the purchase of 2 BR08 of your brand be able to solve the problem?
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Si la distance entre l’émetteur et le récepteur est suppérieur à 60M, est ce que l’achat de 2 BR08 de votre marque serait capable de résoudre le problème?

Hi! Thanks for the question.

We’ll get back to you with an answer @Kelly_AUKEY

I think we are going to need a little more detail on this question - the BR08 is not exactly a bluetooth repeater, and I am not sure how you would link them to each other and to other devices as well.

It would be easier to work through if we knew what devices you were trying to connect using what protocols.

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Yes, you make some good points.

More information would help us get to the bottom of your question @fabio73800