Is there a detailed thread about AUKEYcoins?

Just wondering how exactly the AUKEYcoins work, beyond the general concept of being an active community member. How exactly are they awarded? Do you earn a certain amount of coins based on reaching certain milestones, receiving a certain number of responses, etc?

Im gonna hedge on this being something that will pop up soon in detail. Have not even seen a way to use it yet so an explanation should be accompanying it.

Other than the single mention in the giveaways thread, I haven’t seen anything here to indicate they are awarding coins, or any other name for points at this point. Nothing on profile, etc. So I assume that is a future plan that they will have to turn on in the discourse software when ready.

Point system should not have anything to do with referral or inviting people to Aukey community… This can be gamed big time, and there are some experts who trick it to the core.

Points / Aukey Coins should be given Only by the Aukey community system for posts, quality of posts, likes,… Mostly post/thread driven and focused on Aukey Products or features or some technology discussion.

You all make good points, and absolutely, we won’t be launching any new feature or system on the Community until we’re sure it won’t be gamed, cheated or taken advantage of.

We aim to provide genuinely beneficial aspects to the community, so that we can help you all grow and be apart of the Community, for the enjoyment of taking part, not simply for gaining something like products or coins.

We’ll be for sure letting you all know once we continue growing the Community, and adding features on slowly, so as not cause any problems :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks for clarifying. I read about AukeyDraw and Coins but not seen anything else on here…thought I was missing something and didn’t know how to navigate.

Shouldn’t some usernames be restricted? It seems like having a username like this would cause folks to think you might be officially related to the company. @Dane_AUKEY


Doubt you will see that happen, usernames are not really restricted aside from violating any terms or morals. Best advice is to be familiar with who is running the show, a moderator title under the user name would be ideal in my opinion.

very good point! community usernames must be restricted not to use “company name”

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@Dane_AUKEY it would be good if the community administrators could create and register accounts such as @AukeyOfficial or @Aukey_Official before any user registers them :smiley:

also gives a official touch to the responses…

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Yes - we’ve now disabled any new user from taking on user names with ‘AUKEY’ in their name.

This is a temporary stop gap, whilst we implement badges to display by your names, to show who is an admin or not :slight_smile:


Well, I gave it a try and it took the name ‘Aukey’ By no means I have the intention to act as a mod or admin and if you are active in any forums you will know by now who to trust or not.
Anyways thanks for my new user name @Dane_AUKEY I like it too… I should have done this to begin with :wink: @AukeyFan


Haha. I thought you were officially associated with Aukey when you had your previous username.

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At first you had me confused as well but it didn’t come across as you were pretending to look like official Aukey.
And congrats on the new name :+1:

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@AukeyFan You’re welcome.

You can of course change it to whatever you like, I just chose the simplest one :slight_smile: