iPhone SE Lovers? Check out these perfect Peripherals

Apple has announced the latest addition to its iPhone lineup, the iPhone SE. This is the spiritual successor to the ultra-compact 2016 iPhone SE, although in reality, the new version shares much of its design with the iPhone 8. In a year of global economic woes, there may not be much appetite for expensive flagships, so Apple has certainly chosen a good moment to release a cut-price device.

As a charging specialist, AUKEY always pays particular attention to the charging specs of the latest devices, and despite the budget price tag, new iPhone SE is right up there with Apple‘s flagship offerings in terms of how it charges.

Read our recent blog post to see what will match perfectly with your iPhone SE.


I’m not an apple/iPhone person, but this is a smart move by apple. Having a budget friendly option, since their other phones are approaching$1000 is a good move for potential users. Not even Android can you get flagship level specs for less than $600. Some may argue it is not really needed, as I have a pixel 3a, the mid-range processer holds up well. O wish apple would have updated the design a bit though, I imagine it’s going to be a tough sell with that 4.7in screen in a world of 6in plus devices. But I like the way this is going, should make the budget and mid range market more competitive and help us all out.


I actually think a lot of people will like it because of the 4.7" screen.
US is also a big Apple market so with the Trump cheques going out it is the right time to hit the market with that phone.

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I agree. Its nice that the consumer has more options again, with prices rising to $1000+…

I’m no Apple fan boy either, but its niceto see

That is why my mom wants to remain on a product like this. She doesn’t like the size of the newer ones.

On the upside, if you get one of these, you might have a little cash left over to buy a peripheral, vs one of the big ones…

It was really nice to see Apple have the price so low (low i mean, by Apple standards :joy:)

It is a good phone for people planning to migrate to iOS or looking for a stable solid phone (I am a Apple Fan boy)

Just read the article from Aukey Site, What a contrast there… iPhone SE supports Fast Charging but ships with 5W brick :roll_eyes:… Blessings in disguise for Charging companies like Aukey :+1:

That’s a good point to highlight here…people can benefit from faster charging at least :zap:

Ha, well I do appreciate a lot of what Apple does. But just never jumped on the band wagon.