Introduce Yourself

Hey Guys,

Dane here from AUKEY - Your Community manager.

If you have any problems here - please do by all means let me know, or drop us a message in one of the threads and we’ll get to it ASAP.

What I’d love to do, is to have introductions here - don’t include personal info to the point you feel its oversharing, but its always nice to know a bit more about eachother. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen so far, a lot of reviewers, Youtubers, Techies, designers, etc but what else do you guys do?
Where do you live? What jobs do you do? What kind of hobbies do you like?

I’m British, but spent a lot of my time in China, South-East Asia and Europe. Love building communities, online and offline - hence why i’m doing this job. I love diving, travelling and learning a whole range of things, from languages to food.

Look forward to learning more about you all here :D:D

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Everyone has seen me actively in the Community. Most of what I do in my spare time is on my Summary page.

Right now, I don’t work for a company anymore and have decided to make a name for myself. It is a hazardous move, but one that I needed to do for myself as a person. The last business I worked for was as a content writer, but when they refuse to give credit to an author for work that they do, I felt cheated and stopped writing for them. Since then, I have worked on setting up my blogs.

Outside of what I have shared on my summary, I am a volunteer for authors to help get their names noticed on the market and help with any proofreading errors. At one time, I was reading for fifteen authors. I was clocking a book every two days. In two months, I had read twenty books and informed that I did not have the skills to make money doing that sort of work, so I became burned out and defeated again. Most of last year, I stopped reading because it was too hard to get back into the swing of things.

I am a volunteer for the app Be My Eyes, where I have helped several low vision to the blind help get minor tasks done or read something to them through a wireless portal, similar to FaceTime or Google Duo. I once helped someone with their grocery shopping, which was a rewarding experience.

I do beta testing for companies as a side gig, and it sometimes pays enough to buy gas, or at the end of the month, some fun treats for my family.

Lastly, I am an advocate for mental health. I help where I can, through donations (no matter how small), to talking about my own experiences. I have a third blog I have not discussed that I have written on for a few years now, and it is where I can have a public and private online journal to discuss topics I struggle with, and I try to help others who do have access to the site. In talking about this, I do not feel I am oversharing as I am very vocal about my health and what I go through. I do not see the point in hiding something that people should be more aware of, as there are not a lot of cures for the disorders people have or problems that they struggle with all the time.

Other than all of that, that is me in a nutshell. I strive to learn every day, as well as be better every day. All that my family and friends expect is for me is to take it one day at a time.

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I’m not the best at writing about myself but nothing wrong with sharing a bit about yourself I guess, that way people can have some sort of idea what clown they are talking to :smile:
I’m 46 and I haven’t worked since July last year when I was made redundant from an upmarket type 4/5* hotel group (boring admin work)
Due to some health issues over the last couple of years I decided to take a full year out of the calendar after the redundancy.
I’m a juicing for health type person, I probably demolish between 60 and 90kg og veg and fruit per month, you can say my diet is also my hobby, I have 7 juicers, 3 blenders and an expensive food dehydrator in the kitchen :slight_smile:
I was also bitten by a mad motorcycle as a child and can not live without having at least one motorbike in the garage, it’s chronic and I don’t want a cure LOL


Greetings fellow Community members,

I’m Matt. I’m a network analyst (simplest way of saying it :-)) from Ohio, USA. Out of my hobbies and interests, electronics and video gaming are my favorites currently. I’m a pretty huge Nintendo Switch gamer and currently finishing up a few titles in my extensive backlog.

Outside of technology-related hobbies, I’m mostly into automobiles and woodworking. I’m a pretty soft-spoken person 99% of the time, but always willing to give my input whenever the need arises.

Looking forward to getting to know the rest of you as well! Cheers!


Hi all,
I am Betsy, I enjoy rehabbing old homes and giving them some love! I also enjoy the latest tech to put into the homes. I work from home and enjoy meeting and talking with new people. My husband and I love to go to auctions and find unloved items and make them into treasures. Looking forward to meeting some new friends.


I do industrial manufacturing automation for work, lots of packaging and bottling, and networking from the industrial side. Plenty of travel, so regular use of a battery pack, and lots of cable and connectivity pieces involved, plus flexibility to work in environments that can be harsh.

Beta testing new products is a hobby, again a lot that is network related, but anything in home automation or electronics - I look forward to having sane connectivity in a lot of my devices (has to be secure and reasonable though - my fridge does not need wifi). I do product reviews at times as well, but beta testing is much better because engineering actually hears the feedback and sometimes is able to fix things before it goes out. I often feel like I am still beta testing products that I just bought new, and then I don’t know how to tell engineering about them.

Big family, so hobbies often involve the kids. Some games (xbox, board games), puzzles, frisbee, flying drones. Everyone likes to read a lot, many of us on our screens. Music is usually playing in the house somewhere, sometimes competing from different rooms.