Insights into Flying | The New Normal

Are you soon to fly? Keen to get on a flight to visit friends, family or even for work purposes?

This insightful post highlights some of the issues which are currently plaguing the industry, and more than likely, will continue to do so for months to come.


While scrolling through social media yesterday, I saw a picture that caught my eye of an idea for flights in the aftermath of this time that would have the middle seat flipped around, so you were no longer sitting shoulder to shoulder with anyone. The middle seat had plastic “windows” that were a barrier between people and so they would be riding backwards on the flight. It was a very interesting concept but obviously brings up lots of logistical questions like how does this impact those who routinely buy 2 seats for comfort reasons or service animals.

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I don’t care if I have to hang upside down in a body bag on the flight as long as I’ll be able to go on sun holidays again :sunny: