Incorrect Links

An FYI… the community sign up links from the email blast this morning and the Home button in the top banner direct to: and cannot resolve. The correct url is:

Hope that helps. @Dane_AUKEY


I noticed that too, should be a quick fix

yeah, I had to search google to find it.

I also noticed this occurring with the confirm account email.

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Yup, I had the same problem trying to sign up through the emails.

The same problem exists with clicking the “Home” header on this page for me. It redirects to “www”.

Good catch, same issue here. I had already signed up the first day (when there were other problems - confirmation emails didn’t start going out until day two), so I hadn’t originally clicked it.

It does seem to be a redirect link rather than a direct one, so they might be able to fix it on the backend.

It seems most of us spotted it right off. In any case it’s great to be in the Aukey Community. :+1:t2:

Also, the Support link at the top is a dead link.

Noticed that to. Good catch guys.

After getting in once I will just shortcut through a bookmark from here out. Problem solved :wink:

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Cheers guys! You rock - really appreciate your help.

Our team have already updated that :D:D

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