Ideal Travel Charger - Business

I was thinking about what I would like in a travel charger for work, because it isn’t readily available today. And we keep hearing about upcoming products, which are all cool, but I have a couple additional requests to make them even better.

So this is it:
Enough power for a medium sized business / or personal laptop - 90-100W.
Multiple ports - preferably 3, all USB-C. Phone, computer, and an extra for my battery pack, noise cancelling headphones, etc.
I would not expect full power on all three ports at once. If only one device is plugged in, provide as much power as that device will support. If a second is plugged in, split it up. Basically, the computer only needs full power if it is the only thing plugged in. That way it is fully functional during the day, but at night I can still trickle charge it with everything plugged in, so everything is fully charged in the morning.
As small and light as possible.
Not blocking adjacent outlets on a wall or powerstrip. My preference would be a 3-6’ power cord going to the block, just like my current laptop power supply, and then USB-C cables can be shorter to only reach to the power supply on the table.
Plugs on the wall need to be very compact for me, and while the 18W ones are getting there, 100W need a lot more shrinking for my preferences.

Right now, I have a power supply for my laptop and an older generation dual port USB-A QC charger in my backpack. Plus another one of each in my rollaboard, redundancy is important - I hate arriving on site missing something because it got pulled out of my bag accidentally.

The Omnia 100W charger would replace my laptop power supply, and save some weight:

But I would still be carrying another charger to use for everything else.
The 100W duo is closer (whenever it actually comes out), but is still one port short - I would have to do more swapping things around.

So I guess I am asking for a 100W trio with a very light weight extension cable. Having the cable included in the design (as in my PA-T11) would be ideal, since you can use lighter gauge wire with a small fixed electrical load.

Based on the size of the hardware I am seeing here, this would probably be a little bigger than my dual port charger, and much lighter and smaller than the combination of laptop power supply and dual port charger. And I would be replacing two pairs of those, so that adds up in the weight I am pulling around.

I am guessing there are other business travelers who would see the benefit in this, chime in if you have other comments or improvements, or if you just want Aukey to get right on this.

Hopefully not too long of a to do list, but your designers are all stuck at home anyway, they might as well get going on the project, right? Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with in the next year!


I don’t think there’s a 1 size fits all solution really but I think a combo of 100w charger and a newer high watt powerbank would do most people.

But you mention ANC earbuds and I would love to see a small powerbank with wireless charging made specially for either earbuds or a watch, basically a 5000mAh puck that you throw in your bag when it’s fully charged and you don’t need a cable for the next several days and you can just place it anywhere it is convenient and charge your earbuds/case or watch.


The best possible solution for a travel charger would need to be 100W Omnia Charger with 4 outputs - 2xUSB-C and 2xUSB-A, or a 65W Omnia Charger with 1xUSB-C and 1xUSB-A.

I like the Omnia Chargers but somehow felt, 2 ports would be a good option than a single output.

As of last month, bought a 100W charger (non-Aukey) with 4 outputs, and liking it so far.


I like the idea of a 100W Omnia Charger with 2x USB-C ports and at least 1x USB-A port. USB-A is old tech but still around so it still needs to be supported, just maybe not 2 A ports on a travel charger. That’s just my opinion based on my tech usage.


It is straightforward to get USB-C to Micro-USB or even lightning cables to charge older devices if that is what you want to do (and I have some, and would use them).

It seems like the tradeoff of putting a bigger port on a different standard would otherwise not be a plus. Is there another reason for not going to all USB-C that you are thinking of? @CK-Techie, same question.

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For me it would be not buying another cable. I have more than enough USB-A cables to charge not only my older tech, but also my wife’s iPhone, iPad, and my son’s Kindle. My Kindle uses USB-C, but my watch and headphones both use micro USB.


Thanks for your thoughtful inputs. I cannot believe that you are not a part of our dev team. Actually, we’re working on something very close to your description which will be released in July except for the cord you wish to have. For the adapter-style chargers that come with an AC cord, we do have one in plan but I don’t think it is designed for charging a 100W laptop. Anyway, I will talk with our team and see if we could make a new multi-port desktop charger for headphones as well as laptops.


Excited to hear that about the wall version, will look forward to seeing that in a few months. Glad to hear you guys were already looking down that path.

I think people underestimate the usefulness of having access to reach connections on the desk or table instead of under / beside / behind it. Hopefully that becomes an option further down the road. Until then, an extension cord will pick up the slack.


Hope you include at least 1 USB-A port in the 100W charger


I would definitely like to see a desktop charging station like the PA-T15 but with higher powered USB C ports instead of the 5 USB A.
The PA-T15 is great in my living room (so great I bought an extra one) but for business travel it wouldn’t meet the needs TaHaEng describe.


Yes, 100% sure.


Thank you @Simon_AUKEY

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I have started moving over to USB-C devices but still have a lot of devices that have USB-A cables, such as Belkin Charging dock for iPhone with lightning port, or my desk USB powered Fan… Plus a wireless charging pad which again uses a USB-A to Micro-USB.

A 100W charger with 4 ports (USB – 2xA & 2xC) will greatly help out in these cases.


Well, it’s too early for us to announce :zipper_mouth_face: the configuration of our upcoming Omnia Mix 4, but I have to say you got it all right.


We should have a forum/community quiz before new launches where you can win the product if you guess right :grin:


I 2nd this!

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I hear ya on the power but I got something recently that’s good for travel but doesn’t meet your 90-100W range and three Type C requirements.

Mine is 65W total, GaN tech and has three ports: Two USB-C PD and one USB-A with QC 4.0. It’s from another brand and will suit my needs for now.


Very well thought out… I would like to see it without type A ports and come with at least 2 type C --> combo cables. Type A needs to be phased out and there are definitely ways to move in that direction. With that said companies have to be the ones to move the field in that direction, I know the biggest issue is that most of us have a surplus of various type A cables on hand and don’t want to buy so many type A --> “fill in the blank” cables that a charger without type A ports seems unrealistic as an option.


A all-in-one wall-wireless-powerbank with 3 type C ports , 15w wireless, 100w with smart device charging (charge 2 devices at “high” wattage), built in prongs for the wall (obviously), and passthrough charging when plugged in would be great for traveling. The larger size of this most likely “brick” style device wouldn’t be a problem if it did it all… Could you imagine if the Apple 100w brick did more than charger your Macbook? That would make its size worth it.

And come with cables that make having no type A ports an easy decision to eliminate having to buy extra cables for the transition…

The powerband would also have to be a large capacity bank 20000mh+…



Some great ideas guys. I am sure some of these will trickle down into the product team :smiley: