How to correctly connect Aukey EP-T21 + Review!

Hi everyone, I’ve seen that many people is having issue connecting their Aukey EP-T21, so I decided to make a video about how I solve it when it sometimes doesn’t want to connect to a new device. Here you are:

Now, here starts my review:

I bought this pair of earbuds because I wanted to use them only in my windows 10 laptop. I also use airpods, but I prefer keeping them just for my iPhone and iPad.

When I received the package it was like most of Aukey’s, a light brown box with that nice warranty pcb-like key sticker that Aukey always include, a really nice detail.

Talking abaout the earbuds, they costed me 30€, which is a normal price for this kind of earbuds, maybe a little expensive than the average, but that little extra is worth and I’ll tell you why in this review.

I’ve weighted them and obtained a weigh of less than 50 grams, so they are really portable, and in terms of size, I’ll let you some comparatives with the airpods and a pencil so you can judge by yourselves, In my opinion, the size is at the limit of comfortability to carry them in your pocket, if they were a little bigger, probably I would be uncomfortable to carry them during all day. fortunatelly, that’s not the case.

About the material, the top is made by a translucent layer of dark grey plastic that let you see the charging litghs of each earbud throught. The base feels like a harder, blacker plastic, probably it would resist a harder impact than the top.

I has a case.-ntegrated battery of 380mA, which can charge like 3 times the earbuds. Due to the actual world situation, I’ve just used them at home, so I did always have possibility to chargue them, but once, I could easily used them for 2 days only charging them with the case with a normal use. An inconvenient abaout the case it that it comes with micro-usb, I would have loves an usb-c, hope there’s a future version with that option.

In terms of sound, they have the best budget earbuds sound that I’ve tried compared for example with earbuds like QCY-T1 or QCY-T3. Nice bassed and an stable sound. The best part of this earbuds in my opinion it’s their microphone, beacuse I’ve never found a budget earbuds that can record such a clean sound from their microphone. Making an skype call with QCY-T1, for example, was a pain for my girlfriend who always was complaining beacause she could hear me, but with Aukey EP-T21 that problem was over, my voice is always clear in videocalls.

About noise isolation, the earbuds make a good job isolating from outside sounds.

Talking about usability, when they are paired with a dispositive, they will auto connect or disconnect when you open or close the top, really useful, and that connection is as faster as Apple airpods in my experience. The earbuds controlls are really nice, they are tactile in the side and you can do such things as pausing/playing the music, play next or previous track or taking/declining calls. The tactile control works fine, when you have some practice wou’ll never fail daoing such gestures.

My final thoughs abaout that product is that Aukey did it again and made a product that solved lots of problems that the competence had, and with a product that is only like 5€ more expensive than others in most cases. 5€ that are completely worth paying.

I let you all the pictures of the Aukey EP-T21. Have a nice day you all!


Great review! These are great headphones. I am finding that I use these more than my last pair.


This is the kind of review i was looking for T21 Earbuds!

Thank you @santiagog7 for writing this review, sharing with us!


Great and detailed review! Thanks, @santiagog7.


Good review, well done Santiago :+1:


Thank you all! forgive me if something is not correctly written, English is not my mother tongue and I don’t usually writa that amount of text :joy:

I hope the review can help people that are undecided about buying them


Incredible! That’s so handy for you to share with everyone :clap::clap::clap:


Hey @santiagog7

This is fantastic! Thanks for taking the time to do this - it’ll surely benefit the whole community :slight_smile: :clap:


Nice pictures, comparison and excellent review :+1: