How many Power banks do you own?

Sifting through my draws yesterday, I stumbled across 3 power banks that had obviously been sitting there for months. It got me thinking, why they aren’t being used?

I wonder how many people have something similar - or are they putting their power banks to use on a daily basis?

What do you guys use your power banks for?

And how often?

  • Daily Use
  • Every other day
  • Few times a week
  • Once a week or so
  • Two times a month
  • Not that often
  • Rarely
  • I don’t own a powerbank

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I voted daily use even though that isn’t happening in these Corona times.
I currently have 4 powerbanks, not counting the ones that friends have borrowed for their holidays and that I’ll probably never see again
(the powerbanks not the friends lol) :joy:
My main/newest one is a 20.000mAh 45W PD/PPS with fast charging, it can go from 0-100% in 2.5 hours, perfect for a Samsung Note 10 plus or S20 Ultra, even most laptops/chromebooks.

The other 3 will get replaced one by one once travel opens up again.
2nd is a BMF… Mophie 26.800 mAh with 3 usb A, 1 micro usb and 1 usb c, it is fairly big and heavy and max 15W output so really just one you would use around the pool area and not carry around with you or keep things charging overnight if not near a mains.

3rd one is an MI 10.000 mah 15W (I think MI is a Xiaomi brand) but only 1 micro usb and 1usb A so it will probably be replaced with the small 18w Aukey one or newer version.

4th one I’m not sure about the brand but it works fine with built in wireless charging pad and very bright led flash light, it is only 5w input/output and I don’t believe it to be 25.000 mAh as it claims, it looks nice with its leather finish though.

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“Borrowed”…isn’t that always the case! :laughing:

A good selection of powerbanks then of range in terms of devices you can charge up with them!

MI is indeed a Xiaomi brand :slight_smile:

I have 3 power banks, a small pocket sized 5,000mah from an ihome I think, a 10,000mah from Aukey and a 20,000mah from Aukey. I can’t remember the last time I’ve used the 5,000mah one. The 10,000 usually comes with me when I go out for the day, not like I am these days, since I have a Google Pixel 3a, which has a small battery. The 20,000mah stays at home. I use it if I am outside on the patio or sitting on the couch where there is not easily accessible outlet.


I have 10 PB‘s Some I keep at work and most are spread around house.

Aukey PB-Y14 20000 mAh
Aukey PB-Y36 10000 mAh
Anker Astro3 10000 mAh
Anker Powercore+ 26800
Anker Essential 20000 mAh
Anker Powercore 5000 mAh
Anker Powercore Fusion 5000 mAh
ThruNite C2 Mini 3400 mAh
iBeek Solar 12000 mAh
iBeek Solar 4000 mAh


Well if there’s a power cut you still won’t need to worry about it for a week or so :joy:


I have a somewhat unique use for my 100W Zendure Powerbank. As someone who travels normally 52 weeks of the year I bought a Zendure 100W 2 @ USB-C & 2 @ USB-A power bank. After purchasing 6 Aukey USB-C high powered power banks I bought a USB-C to Lenovo adapter to try powering my ThinkPad. Amazingly the USB-C to Lenovo adapter did not work directly but by plugging it into a longer Aukey USB-C cable for the power bank to laptop, via Lenovo’s conversion cable, amazingly it does work. I wish I could understand why but don’t.

Long story short using this combination is still both smaller, and lighter than even Lenovo’s travel adapter with the added bonus of being a high powered powerbank during travel.

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I have a couple of those free give away power banks that will give you enough power to charge your device halfway or so.

That is quite an interesting use-case. I’d love to know why myself…:thinking:

Welcome! Nice to have you join us here in the Community :clap:

That kind will do nicely for small needs. Always good to have a bigger one just in case!

Have a total of 6 PowerBanks :smiley:

Since working from home started, my use of PowerBanks has reduced drastically, and may be use it every other day… phone is always connected to charge and so are other devices such as headsets, and more…

may be once we start going back to work, this will increase.

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I have 3 powerbanks, 2 of which have been gifts from work (a birthday gift and a staff appreciation gift).

Welcome! Nice to have you join us here :clap:

Staff appreciation gift sounds nice! What do you use them for mostly?

I use three - one stays on my desk, and the other two are in a rotation so there is always a fully charged one in my computer bag. All three are 8-15k mAh, as I find bigger ones unwieldy. The only one with PD delivery is my newest - the Aukey Sprint Wireless I reviewed here when this forum was starting.

My wife uses two - one lipstick tube sized that is always in her purse, and a slightly larger one for longer times away. One about 3500 mAh, and the other closer to 7000. She occasionally steals one of my bigger ones if hers is discharged or it will be an extended trip.

Besides those, I have one in a drawer at home for the kids to use when they need one - so 6 total.

Part of the reason I have this many is that they keep everyone happy and quiet on long car trips when everyone wants to be on their own devices, and there are only so many accesible car charger ports - the middle row of the van is a no man’s land for power outlets, and access in the back row is limited to one side. All of my kids use “hand me down” devices for their entertainment, which work fine for playing games long after their batteries stop lasting a reasonable amount of time. So they are effectively attached to a charging port for extended use. Most of the batteries have at least two charging ports, but sharing is hard, and cables get tangled, so one per person works best. My Aukey 6 port charger works great for getting everything charged again once we arrive at our destination.

I have had more over the years, tend to give them away when I get something better. The giveaway box currently contains one I got from some training along the way, but I don’t count things in that box as still being mine.


About 8. I carry 1-4 whenever I leave the house; though I only tend to use it 1-2 times a week.

  1. image My daily driver is a [UGREEN PD Power Bank, 20000mah Type C Power Bank with 18W PD Charging, QC 3.0 Fast Charge. 2x USB-A + 1x USB-C. I bought this after upgrading my phones to a Samsung Galaxy S9+ and a VKWorld S8. I wanted to make use of the fast charging capability and replicate my experience with the Aukey and RAVpower chargers at home. The weakness in this product is a lack of a good LED torch/lantern function, so I carry two USB lights for plugging into it. It is very slim/light though.

  2. [Hiluckey Solar Charger 25000mAh Solar Power Bank, 92.5Wh Waterproof External Battery with Flashlight Outdoor Portable Phone Charger with 2 Fast Charge ] This one I use as additional capacity for charging additional devices that don’t need QC fast charging It also has a fantastic LED light panel and an effective multi-panel solar charger.

  3. [iMuto 20000mAh Compact External Battery Power Bank Portable Charger with Smart LED Digital Display and Quick Charge]. This was my daily driver, previous to the current one; but nowhere near as fast as it, I think it had basic QC charging. Other great features were the digital LED display and a built in LED light of quite reasonable brightness. When needing extra strong light I add two extra USB keyring lightsand it becomes a mega lamp. Though bulky, It’s never run out when I needed extra power. A good camping friend with lasting build. I bought this in 2016 and it still runs well so I carry it often.

  4. This is one I bought through Wish. I never heard of the manufacturer before FDGAO, but it has Qi charging and a USB-C two-way port, 2 x USB-A, 1 x Micro USB charging port. It’s good for convenience sometimes if I need to be charging on the move, but scared of hitting the charging cable and causig damage to the phone port/charger/cable. It says the capacity is 10000mAh. I’m suspicious of that figure,and the build quality is not premium looking, but the digital displays and indicators are useful and functional. Impressive device but more recent products by them have much better build quality.

  5. Tecknet 3200mAh combined pocket torch with digital SOS program and one 1A USB-A and 1 microUSB for charging the pack. I really love this, as it is a great torch in a compact package that can provide a 50-75% lifeline for my phone on a night out where I might only have a small handbag (or no handbag!). Roughly the size of a small pack of ROLO sweets! But only 11cm long :grin:.

  6. This was a noname brand from eBay which claimed to be 50000mAh and have a solar charger. I bought this after a long break from buying portable USB chargers and without doing proper research, bought it. It has a torch LED (not exceptional), and 2x USB-A (1 rated at 2.1A and 1 at 1A). I’ve come to the conclusion that the capacity is a LOT lower than stated. I took it apart and retrofitted an extra bright LED so it’s no at least a very long lasting torch/lamp that is solar rechargeable. I also power some lighted decorations and artistic sculptures with it. I think true capacity is closer to 5000mAh.

  7. This is a decent quality one bought from ALDI or LIDL I think it’s SilverCrest brand (my Mum keeps it mostly). I bought it for her as I felt the built in USB cable will make it simpler and easier for her to handle it (she is not fantastic with technology! :joy:). It also has a built in charging cable to plug straight into a normal USB port on a charger. It also has a modest torch LED built-in and I think capacity is 12000 or 20000mAh.

  8. Finally we come to my first ever portable charger. It’s by Tecknet, a strange square shape black and blue design that came with a nice pouch and capacity of 11000 or 16000 (I have to dig it out to make sure). It’s got to be around 10+ years old but still works well. It uses a special powerpack charger to charge at 2A because in those daysUSB ports didn’t work at such high rates. It used to supply power to the USB port at 1A I think. I rarely use it anymore, even though it works well. I mostly use it when camping or in the garden, to run USB speakers and lamps, ionisers (low load stuff).

(It only allows me to put one image because I’m new - apologies, so I had to delete the photos of all the power banks except the current one.)


Hi Dane! I use powerbanks as an emergency backup for when I think I might need to recharge but won’t have a wall outlet. The smallest one stays in my purse, but when I travel, I’ll carry the others. My son plays competitive soccer so I bring them we he has an out of town game or especially for tournaments.

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Great to have you join us here, Trisha! Welcome :heart::heart:

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Wow! That’s an extensive list! Great contribution :smiley:

Also, welcome to the Community! :clap:

Lidl / Aldi always has some cracking bargains, so you can’t go wrong there! Never tried wish…always been wary of it, but nice to see you got something decent! :zap:

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Thank you very much :grin::grinning:

Thanks Dane (and hi everyone!),
I was (still am) rather wary of Wish in general, but that was a lucky day…Maybe they should call their service Luck! ? :joy::joy::joy: