How is everybody?

Been a while since I have checked in, sorry about that.
We’re in week 3 of the six week lockdown level 5 but it actually doesn’t bother me at all except it would be nice to be able to travel again.
Did I miss much here? testing rounds, reviews, scandals even :slight_smile:
What are you all up to, any good stories.

Hey, glad you are doing well, hopefully it will be the last lockdown. Things are starting to revert back here in New Jersey (USA). The governor just instituted additional restrictions today.

Not much going on here since Dane left. Unfortunately it seems that Aukey has abandoned this forum. But we still have a decent amount of users that we can help each other out.

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I didn’t realise that Dane had left, when did that happen?

About a month ago I believe. That I think was the last post from anyone at Aukey

Well the forum/community did seem to be his project to manage and run.
I hope he wasn’t a victim of the Corona situation and let go but that he just found something else.
We’ll probably try and log in one day and the community is just gone/closed, if that happens I just want to say that I have enjoyed it here and the reviews and pictures and help from members, you’re all a great bunch :smiley: