How Headphone Drivers Affect Audio Quality

For those Audiophiles out there, that love to know more about the ins and outs of audio tech, check out our latest blog to learn all about how to be an informed customer when it comes to the at times, bamboozling technical language used to describe audio drivers.

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Do you understand how ‘drivers’ affect audio quality?
Is it something you check when purchasing audio equipment?
What affects your purchase decision when it comes to audio products - price? Quality? Style/look? Materials? Bass? :musical_note:


I somehow missed this last month, nice read :+1:


Its a good read for those audiophiles, or simply those that wish to learn a bit more about their music experience :musical_note:

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This is a great article. Most of the audio enthusiasts know the terms but don’t understand details. This article explains in layman’s terms :+1: