Home office from Aukey!

My home office is powered by Aukey!

Post your Aukey home office setups!


Welcome to the forum :pray:
Nice setup, what is the microphone like?

Welcome to the community!

Love this share! :smiley:

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wow, Neat clean desk space :ok_hand:

Nice to see a All Aukey products in next place!!

My coworkers can now hear me clearly, no more issues! I like it and very well built.

Which model is it? I’d love to try :smiley:

What would you add to this set up?

Or this one…

Second picture I would add one of those ambient light bedside lamps and a microphone, maybe use the hub with wireless charging for a phone.
Maybe a nice soundbar too

Is that an Aukey keyboard by the way?
It’s really nice.

Some good suggestions! Like it :smiley:

Sadly not…who knows though, maybe in the future :pray:

I would add an iPad Pro and an external SSD or NVMe drive.

The Aukey PowerHub, headphones and a wireless charging pad.

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Nice nice. Certainly levels it up a bit :smiley:

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