Home Office Essentials - Sale 🔥

Many of you asked for a sale on Home Office Essentials, to help you work from home.

So, we’ve tried to put together a list of items you may find useful. Click the product code to visit the Amazon page. :slight_smile:

USB C to HDMI Adapter 4K - CB-A29 10% Off - Use Code: WNSMBMIU

High Speed 4k Cable - CB-H01 20% Off - Use Code: LF4WT8LW

Power Strip 18W Power Delivery - PA-S8Y 50% Off - Use Code: APJJK36C

3 Coil 10W Wireless Charger - LC-Q7 20% Off - Use Code: OCQHGGZ5

Omnia 61W PD Charger - PA-B2 20% Off - Use Code: PA-B2

These prices end on the 30th April!

Learn more about these products by checking out our blog post below.


Great initiative :+1:


We try our best :slight_smile:

That power strip is mighty tempting

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I’ve been looking for a good power strip… This just happens to be too good timing :joy:

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Thanks for posting these Home Office Essentials!!! (this was one of my requests to have more work from home products sales / discounts :+1: )

Lot of people are still searching and buying these are work at home are getting extended…

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Great selection. Surprised you didn’t include one of your USB-C hubs and Omni chargers.

Omnia chargers are already discounted - 20% off - B2 + B5 - Check them out at www.shop.aukey.com


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What I’m saying is I would have included them as a Home Office Essential :slight_smile:

Then that makes sense :laughing:

Good idea :+1:

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What is the name of the keyboard in the picture?

Hey! Thanks for joining us here :slight_smile:

The keyboard unfortunately isn’t one that we make :frowning:

Lots of good deals, wish I need some of these items haha

Ha . Same here!

I really want to purchase the power strip but I refuse to purchase power strips that don’t have flat plugs. Almost all my plugs are behind furniture which means I would have to pull my furniture away from the wall to fit the plug.

Today is the last date for the home office essentials sale…

so guys hurry…

one note to @Dane_AUKEY … the promotion emails sent out need to be proofread :slight_smile:

Got the email today, and has sale end date as 31st April :face_with_monocle:


31st April :joy:

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It’s a leap year afterall! :laughing: I’m sure its supposed to be today…so don’t wait!

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