Hey where is the new Omnia Duo 100w charger

Id like to know when the duo Omnia 100w is coming since the effect of the economic shakedown

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It is just around the corner :grin:

I really do hope so

Im referring to the 100w with 2 usb outputs

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Sorry, missed the duo part, just get two of the other ones instead :wink:

Model number for the 100w duo I think is PA-B6 and is supposed to be coming in Q2 according to this article on XDA

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Hi Maxwell. As @JSH1973 said, we’ll be bringing it out as soon as possible, more than likely in Q2. If things come together quicker, then i’ll be sure to let you all know here :slight_smile:

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thanks a lot man

You’re welcome :smile: Check this too… @Maxwell8580

Coming Soon…:zap:

Let me know when I can purchase one of these 100w chargers!

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@architect Here :slight_smile:

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May 10-15? Where’s my 100W Aukey charger!? Looking forward to its release. Let us know when we can expect this new product.

We sold out of our first round of stock much quicker than expected, so we’re just waiting to be restocked - once its available, we’ll be sure to let you know here :slight_smile:

Fantastic! Can I pre-order 2 chargers?

Once they’re available again, absolutely!

Choetech has had their dual port 100w charger through their site for a couple months it seems like and the product just showed up on US Amazon. I just that one in today and am putting it through the tests that I can. I would really love to be able to test it against the Omnia charger soon.

Will certainly get it to the market ASAP - due to the impact on shipping globally, and in the US especially, its slowing down a lot of our restocking efforts :frowning:

When will the 100w duo meaning two usb c outputs be releasing

I checked only yesterday, they main shipment is still caught up in a sorting centre. We’re doing our best to get it out and online asap :slight_smile: