Hello everyone New to community

Hi how is everyone doing I am new here, got invited by my colleague techie


Hi @Adon_Cham , welcome to Aukey community,

Thanks for joining via invite, try to read through the community, for events and testings, and more fun discussions, and chime in. May be create more ideal discussion thread.

Welcome to the party! Just missed the latest testing round opportunity, but more will come along. Hope you stick around and get involved in the discussions.

@Adon_Cham Welcome!

Great to see you join us here :slight_smile:

Welcome :pray:
Have a look around and see if any of the testing etc. is for you

Another new member here! :raised_hand:


Welcome Batman :bat: :pray:

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Welcome @batman12 … nice catchy name


Thank you all! Bought my first 2 Aukey wall chargers 2 weeks ago and already impressed!

Welcome both of you! More the merrier :heart:

Hey :wave: welcome to the club!