Got PB-T11 as a Gift. Aukey says only amazon is the authorized dealer

Long story short. I received a PB-T11 as a gift in October 2020. The ports have malfunctioned. My Father said he bought it “in store” with cash. Aukey won’t honor their 18 month warranty because “it wasn’t purchased at at authorized dealer” Well, if Walmart isn’t an authorized dealer than my world view is messed up.

I’ve never heard of a product warranty being tied to the place it was bought lol. Products are backed regardess of where they are purchased.

I have emaield service and support @aukey. This can’t possible be correct? Thanks

Having a battery fail is no fun, and not getting a great response from support doesn’t help. However, some of the details you are providing don’t make sense to me either.

The PB-T11 is a 30000mAh battery with QC3 and lightning charging. It was released 5 years ago, I got one in 2016. It hasn’t been made or sold here for a lot more than 18 months, so they should all be out of warranty, regardless of retail channel.

If it was sold as new at Wal-Mart in 2020, you would need to find the receipt and go back to the store to report that someone was defrauding them by selling counterfeits or old stock, and they could help you. Maybe someone defrauded your father somehow?

Companies like Aukey face a LOT of issues with counterfeits. They don’t have unique serial numbers, so only sell through limited stores with records, and do support based on those.

Hope you can sort something out.

Thanks. He def bought it, and it def was sold in store. I have the box, serial etc to prove it is a real one (It looks exactly the same, colored ports, I doubt Walmart is selling counterfeits.

Regardless if you DIDN"T buy on amazon they won’t even talk to you which is so strange. I’ve seen Aukey in several stores and online retailers

The walmart website lists a lot of aukey products, all third parties and not a walmart product. Buying from any of those sellers that aren’t aukey won’t have a warranty. But those aren’t usually in store, I don’t recall seeing aukey products in store fronts before.

Counterfeits in this context probably means made by the same people in the same factory for a different seller, so they would be identical. Easy to put on a serial number as well. Or reselling refurbished product, which already has one.