Good deal on desktop lamp

I spotted this and couldn’t help myself but to buy 2 of them (you only get the 20% discount on one of them though) but free shipping as prime member


That’s actually not bad. Good find

That’s not bad at all. I wish it wasn’t USB only (like coming with an adapter would be nice, but for under $10, not bad.

Good find! :+1: :grinning:

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What I like too is that it is usb powered so with a usb hub/Charger it will only tale up one power socket for my wireless duo charger (Note 10+ and Tozo earbuds) watch Charger (Galaxy watch) and off course these two Aukey lamps :slight_smile:

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@JSH1973 I never put that into account.

Now, I need to make some purchases. :grinning:

Thats absolutely true. Even when you have a power outage I guess you could plug these lamps in to a powerbank

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Must be a UK thing, not seeing it in US Amazon Store.

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It could be, I use Amazon UK as I’m in Ireland

Good deal! Not in US.

I just collected these and they’re every bit as nice as they look in the picture, definitely worth the 10 pounds each.
Should I change something it would be the plug in the lamp itself and put a USB C plug in.
A version with wireless QI charging and or a USB output is an idea as well but for a tenner I’m happy :blush:

It’s available in the US Amazon store: only 4.99$

Wow, that is under 1/2 price compared to what I paid after discount.

Nice deal ! Thanks for sharing :+1: