GM-F4 Gaming mouse

I just received the new mouse and I am curious if there is anything that I need to download to allow for right clicking. When I press the right mouse button, nothing happens.

I am running Catalina 10.15.5 Mac Air.

And before anyone comments. Mac now has right-click capability. I have a mac specific mouse that allows it. It’s blue tooth and I wanted something a little less herky jerky.

Everything else is working on the mouse except the right mouse button. So far I’m loving it except for that problem

Seems odd. I’ve used many 3rd party mice on my MacBook and all have worked fine. Maybe check your mouse settings on your Mac. If it’s not that then the mouse is most likely defective. I am no expert, however, that’s just my guess.

Hi @Iceman

As Danishaianee said, unsure why there would be an issue. Please check your software is all up to date.

You can try to download the GM-F3 software from the link below, maybe you can control the settings with that.