GM-F3 Scarab Gaming Mouse

Hi just got my new mouse and I’m having a problem that while I hold down the left or right mouse buttons I can not use my 4/5 buttons. I’ve installed the software off the site to see if I can find an option to turn off that lock but I cant seem to get it to work. I’m using it as a gaming mouse and I hold down my right mouse button while moving in game and it is letting me use those side function buttons! Is there any fix for this or driver update? I cant seem to find anything, I’ve tried in windows settings, in game and searched the web.

Hi @ian0789

Sorry to hear you’re having this problem. I’ve messaged our customer support @Kelly_AUKEY to look into this.

For more info on manuals or drivers, do check out #Support:manuals

Thank you, so as a messed around with it more it seems i cant hold down 2 and use 4 and if i hold down 1 i cant use 5. Its very strange if i hold down 2 i can use 5 and 1 i can use 4 if that makes sense. Really love the mouse its super smooth the response is amazing and the feel is just as good as my high end mouse. I cant seem to find anything on a driver tho, just the software to play around with the buttons and LED’s

Right I see what you mean. Well, there’s possibly some macro or something that can prevent it from happening - I’m not sure.

Our customer support team will get back to you soon :slight_smile: