GM-F3 Mouse Driver

Do drivers for this thing even exist for windows 10? Kind of ridiculous I have to go onto a forum that looks like it would have been outdated 2 decades ago to request software for a product that’s not even listed on the company product sheet. Ashamed of your gaming mice?

The amazon sale page (Listed by Aukey Direct) for it even says the software is required for macro and dpi tweaking. Yet provides 0 links to find or download said software anywhere on any site or the packaging.

I just checked the download page. There are drivers for the mouse, they are located on the Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link for downloads. However I do no know anything the files located there. Last time I was on the site they were revamping the website and forums.

You can also contact support for any questions or concerns. They may be able to further with your drivers issues.

You’re right, I found it. Absolutely terrible site layout, but it was available if I looked hard enough. Thank you.

Nevermind. While that is the software in reference, it does not contain a driver. I’m just going to send the mouse back and go back to a company that knows how to supply software support for their hardware.

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Good idea. If it were me I’d do the same. Thanks for update and letting us know what the file contained.