Getting more members

Was thinking about ideas to try and get more members here, anyone else got ideas?

Is Aukey including a mention of the community in online order confirmations already or would it be and idea that won’t really cost anything to do.
A business card size mention included in deliveries maybe.
Actually, maybe even add a line to mention the community in your product/news emails going out (only came up with thatt because I just got one)


Some ideas:

  1. Create Instagram, Twitter, Facebook links on the Forum to have members send out invite to people to come join Aukey

  2. Aukey Social Media Events to come join Aukey Community / or just include the Aukey Community details in regular updates which are posted on IG, Twitter.


Giveaways. But let’s be honest (some) people will/would sign up just to win freebies and might not use the community again.

Exclusive promo coupon codes Promote on socials and Amazon that you could get exclusive discounts if they sign up to the community.

Encourage product testers to promote The review could or must mention that they should sign up to the community.


On the few communities that I am on and are successful the ideas that @graphicflowyt suggested are the best ways to do it. But we found that doing community exclusive giveaways don’t really build a community. You get those that sign up and forgot or you get those that complain that they never win anything and never spend time on the community.

I found that product testing promotions, with rules such as you need to be an active member to be able to apply to test, if you win the testing promo and don’t test in the two week testing period (no Amazon testing since its against policy) then you are blocked from future testing.

Community exclusive discount codes and member referral programs that either pay community members via link a small percentage of a sale from the page and a point system used for community members that get people to sign up via their link that they can cash in those points for a dollar amount coupon to be used on Aukey.Com or Amazon works great.


Love this guys!

Great ideas for sure.

Some of them, we’re already doing - giveaways, as was mentioned. Emails, periodically mentioning the Community, links on our website.

There is a way to share links or posts to social media, shown in the image below - so once more content is on here, especially reviews, then that’d be wonderful for you guys to share :slight_smile:

We are aware that giveaways don’t build sticky communities, but we equally want to reward those that contribute - so its a tough one.

@element321 is very much right, in that supporting those that give back, in testing, is how we’ll give back to those that are active members and follow the policies. Everyone wins that way :slight_smile:
We’re working on referral codes / affiliate links, like mentioned too, its all in progress :smiley: :smiley:

Please do continue to think of ideas, much appreciated!


Well the community is mentioned in the email I received today :slightly_smiling_face:


sounds good!! I too received it,

thanks @JSH1973 for this mention here

nice to see our inputs are being incorporated!!!

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I think the biggest thing we are missing is earning coins and points. Once you set the rules to earn those and sharing on social will be one of the ways, so obviously members do share and attract more people.
The lurkers are everywhere and even if 1% members stick to the forum it’s going to be a huge success !! :+1:

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This is a great thread. I think it is a good idea to reward those who actually contribute to the community. I think the good one is to share on social media about the community and if people actually read the email blasts which is how I found out about it. The email was actually in my junk folder for some reason though.

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Totally agree with you! Difficult thing is getting it right when we start, we’ve checked out various ways to do it, as well as plugins for Discourse.

Points system, is definitely on the cards - we just want to get it right :smiley:

Do bare with us!


You have already started rewards for activity, so that helps. Giveaways and testing opportunities will both draw people in over time.

Sometimes a promotional giveaway linked to a bigger name (influencer on youtube, etc) who posts a link to a cool product on one of their videos can draw a lot of people in. You will not keep more than few percent of those, but it can grow the community.

The better the content and community here, not to mention any specific rewards for being here, the higher the percentage that will stick around. I think that side is off to a good start.

There is a small subreddit for aukey that has some information and occasionally has questions posted. I would be happy to post about this forum over there, but it will draw more attention if linked to a monthly testing opportunity or giveaway.

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This is the key :ok_hand: Thanks for recognizing our input :+1:

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