General Questions

Have questions? Don’t fear! Some of the most asked questions are answered here.

1. Q- What social media platforms are you on?

A- We post regularly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

2. Q- What is the price of [insert product name here]?

A- Please check your region’s Amazon listing for the most up to date prices and deals.

3. Q- Where/How do I register my product?

A- To register a product, you need to follow this link:

4. Q- Do you sell [insert product part here] separately?

A- We do not sell any parts of our products separately.

5. Q- How do I pair the left and right earbuds for the T10’s? The left one is not pairing/working.

A- Please follow the steps below to pair your earphones together:

  1. Clear Bluetooth pairing

  2. Reconnect

  3. Put the headphones back into the charging box and press the left and right headphones for 3-5 seconds to pair them clearly

  4. Then take it out again for Bluetooth pairing

6. Q- Where can I find information about wholesale?

A- You can contact our B2B team for wholesale inquiries at:

7. Q- Can I use T10’s with one earbud charging?

A- Yes, you may use the right earbud for individual use. The left earbud does not have this function.

8. Q- Can you ship your products to [insert your country here]?

A- Please follow this link to find where you can buy our products in your country:

9. Q- Can I charge my power bank while charging a device in my power bank at the same time?

A- No, it is not possible to charge you power bank and use it at the same time.

10. Q- Can I join TeamTECHKEY for free products?

A-At the moment, the TeamTECHKEY program is being rebooted, so there are no products available to be tested. To learn about the program, please follow this link:

11. Q- Do you only cater to Apple users, or do your products work with Androids as well?

A- We have products for both Apple and Android users. There are many options for Android users available on our website and Amazon.

12. Q- Can you send [insert product here] with a [different country’s plug]?

A- We cannot, as we have made the product with the Type A plug, so it’s not able to be replaced.

13. Q- Can we get free products by writing reviews for you on Amazon?

A- We do not offer free products for reviews on Amazon.

14. Q- Where do you officially sell your products? I see them listed on Aliexpress.

A- We officially sell our products on our official Amazon store.

15. Q- Is my warranty still applicable?

A- Your warranty is valid for 24 months since the date of purchase.

16. Q- What size eartips should I buy for the EP-B80s?

A- That would depend on your size preference. Amazon sells ear tips that come in S, M, and L.

17. Q- One of my earbuds of the T10s has stopped working (left one doesn’t play audio). How do I troubleshoot?

A- That should not be happening. We would suggest you contact the customer service team at

18. Q- I can’t find my model number. Can you help me register these for warranty?

A- Check the box or the instruction manual first. If you no longer have these, as long as you know the name of the product line, you can look it up on Google. Warranty registration can be done on

19. Q- Can my wireless device (earphones/speakers) pair with more than one device?

A- No, unfortunately it can only pair with one device at a time.

20. Q- I’m an influencer with XX amount of following. Are you interested in sponsoring us for a shoutout?

A- Depending on the amount of followers you have, we will decide on whether or not to sponsor you.

21. Q- Can I check to see if my order has been shipped? If so, how?

A- You can contact the customer service team at to check your order status.

22. Q- My Google shopping number is G-SHP-XX. Can you check the status of my order?

A- If you purchased from Google, then all the customer service will be covered by Google. Questions will go through a process where Google will receive emails, and cc Aukey, in which we will reply. Google will then relay the message to customers.

23. Q- I found a product I’m interested in on Amazon, but I don’t see it listed on your website. Is this product legitimate?

A- Yes, there are some older products listed on Amazon that we have discontinued and no longer offered on our website.

24. Q- I’ve submitted a support ticket but have not heard back yet. Can you please help me?

A- If there is still no response from the support ticket system in 24 hours since you emailed them, you can send a follow up to

25. Q- I received my item as a gift, does it qualify for warranty? If it does, how do I register for it?

A- As long as you have the order number and is still within the 24 month period, your warranty is still valid.

26. Q- My power bank is connected but isn’t charging. Is it broken?

A- Try switching out to a different cable. If it still doesn’t work, please submit a support ticket.

27. Q- My cable disconnects when charging. Is it broken?

A- That shouldn’t be happening. Please submit a support ticket.

28. Q- Where can I find the user manual for XX product?

A- You can find a downloadable user manual on our AUKEY website or Amazon official store under “Product Specification.” However, not all products will have an online PDF version.

29. Q- My coupon code doesn’t work, can I still claim it?

A- The code may have expired. If the code is through a third party coupon platform, then you should contact them for issues regarding the code.

30. Q- Can my Bluetooth receiver simultaneously connect to more than two devices?

A- Unfortunately it can only connect to 1-2 devices.

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