🎮 Gamers | What are you playing at the moment?

Gaming has been a past-time of mine for years, but over the years its been part of my downtime less and less. I enjoyed playing games on desktop as much as console, but i’m out of touch with what’s good nowadays.

So I’d love to know what gamers are here, what they’re playing and are they a PC gamer or Console Game? :video_game:

Mostly console - Rocket League is the thing I can come back to anytime, play a few games to relax, and not have it consume too much of my life. I also play forza horizon 4, some weekly events and a little general driving. Halo 3 remains a lot of fun for nostalgia as much as anything.

A lot of games these days are trying very hard to addict you. I find that a turnoff up front, as I am prone to overcommitting once I get into it, and I don’t want to.


Dont use Gaming on PC, have switch and Lite… But the mouse does look cool with lights :+1:

I’m similar to you in that I used to play a bit, but in recent years, less and less. That changed recently though because of the way VR has finally become affordable and good enough to be immersive. I’m 99% a PC gamer, 1% other things like old retro machines and currently dabbling with an old Nintendo Wii.

Since the whole Covid-19 and lockdown stuff started, I’ve built myself a new low-cost system, especially to allow me to experiment with VR. I’ve been playing mostly single and coop team games with my uncle who lives in a neighbouring city (Birmingham). Probably the best game right now overall for getting a feeling of a believable immersive environment and good story, is “HalfLife Alyx”. Definitely worth a look!

Happy Gaming,
Trisha (on Steam I’m known as D4rk4ng3L )


Nice share! I definitely get the feeling - and VR is super fun. I haven’t had the chance to play it much except on PS4, but i’m interested in trying it out more. :slight_smile:

HalfLife Alyx looks great - just googled it! :smiley: Reminscent of of the old Half lifes + Bioshock!

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I’ve been playing Rocket League a lot as well. I play with friends on console weekly, but I bought it for PC about 18 months ago and the game is SO different. I’m way better on PC. The combination of closeness to a smaller screen as well as input lag difference makes it almost a completely different game. I also just wrapped playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on console and that game is a lot of fun, especially if you love the Star Wars universe.


I’ve never played, but i’ll have to check it out! Does look fun :smiley:

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Yes - used to play those back in the day too…and “CounterStrike Source” (essentially with the same friend circle) and later on “Left 4 Dead 2”. It used to be more LAN parties in those days though. It needed 100Mb network to make it an experience! Online stuff now is 100 times better thank goodness. It’s been a revelation through these lockdown times!

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I hear ya! LAN days on dial up or even early days broadband…nigh on impossible :laughing:

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