Fully running down a power bank


I have the 30,000mAh power bank. Nice product. Thank you.

My question: if I use it to power a laptop and I forget about it, will it get damaged by running down all the way? Is there protective circuitry against this?

Thanks in advance,

I’m not a hardware engineer, I write software and find security holes for a living.

That said, I know that Lithium-Ion batteries like to have their charge between 20 - 80% of their overall capacity to extend their lifetime. I also know that discharging a battery down to 0% is not advised. Will it cause damage? No idea. Will any protective circuitry be able to “run” if the battery is at 0%? Probably not. I think that the protective circuitry is in place to stop the battery from charging too much, but I’m not sure about anything to prevent damage if the battery goes down to 0%. Discharging all the way down to 0% too often would probably have some type of lasting effect, I just don’t know what.

Thank you. That’s the way I understand batteries as well. I was hoping the power bank has protective circuitry to safeguard against damage, but Aukey engineers will have to give feedback on that I guess.

I run my batteries down all the time. Mostly I forget. So far I haven’t noticed. One of my earlier ones from another brand finally died. But that one was more than 3 years old and well used.

I would say every once in a while its shouldn’t hurt the battery (that much if it does hurt it) but I would try and charge it at the 10% and 20% range.