Fitness Bands | Which do you have? 🏃

Fitness bands have gone from strength to strength, from a simple Pedometer to a fully-fledged technical wonder - tracking your heart rate, steps, timing your swimming lengths and even your ovulation cycle (yes - it’s a thing).

As we get to a point that a lot of fitness bands can now be charged via wireless charging, on devices such as our brilliant LC-Q11, charging these devices is simple and efficient.

Are you an avid fan of fitness bands or smart watches?
Which do you have and use daily?
What’s the reason for having one - fitness, time keeping, calls & messages?

Let us know! :smiley:

I used to have a Fitbit that went in my pocket, then switched to a Honor fitness band. I didn’t really care for the square/rectangular shape. I gave smart watches a try and got a UMIDIGI Uwatch to see how it felt. Now I am using a Fossil HR Hybrid daily and love it. I get the important features of a smartwatch with analog hands and look.

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I’ve no fitness band (or fitness for that matter) :rofl:
I do have the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 watch and had the Galaxy Watch 46mm before that, I couldn’t really get used to the bigger 46mm when sleeping, the Active 2 I hardly notice wearing.

Wore a bitbit Charge 2 HR for a bit. Now my wife has it, and I am back to not wearing anything on my wrist.

Turns out my phone in my pocket (or a waistband when exercising) is all the motion tracking I need.

I have an Apple Watch, and use it all the time, I like the rings pattern it has for move, exercise and stand. Keeps reminding for stand up and breathing.

Plus gives lot of options on checking notifications for calls messages and approval notifications

I love my xiaomi miband 4. It’s low cost and does everything I need it to :grin:

Hey @Dane_AUKEY do you use one? and which one :wink:

Yup! I have previously used a xiaomi miband - it’s great. But I use an Amazfit Pace :smiley:

I have Fitbit Charge 2, and Xiaomi Miband 4.
Main use is for notification to avoid taking phone from pocket or bag or desk at the office. As well as movement tracker. My daughter wanted it for the custom faces.


I started out with a Garmin Vivoactive HR and currently use a Garmin Fenix 5X. The Garmin devices are great for cyclists in particular.

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Anyone use the Peloton app with a fitness band? :thinking:

Love fitness bands! I use Apple Watch Series 4, always looking at new ones.

For me the main reason is Heart Rate and Sleep Tracking. I have High Blood Pressure and it helps me understand where I can look to manage it better. I use the history for doctor appointments to confer with doctor.

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