Firmware Update for DR01(C or H whatever)

Hi guys,

There are no firmware for the dashcam DR01 on your website (Only the manual). Come on guys !!!

The firmware on my device is DR01C.V1.00.0317 !
But I can see some people online having some version DR01_H.V1.5.0601
Can you at least show on your website which is the latest version ??

I found a firmware at

The file is named FWDR01H.bin (so it seems it’s for DR01H, whatever that means), tried to rename it to FWDR01C.bin with no luck.

How unprofessional it is from AUKEY to not be clear about all that ?!?
One page only with all drivers and Manuals :slight_smile: Ahahah
So we have to search for it manually !!!

Anyone working at AUKEY ? Can they help ? Fast ?

Regards (but not for long)