Father's Day Sale | 15th June - 22nd June 👨

Father’s Day is this weekend, and to kick off the celebration in true AUKEY style, we’ve decided to put together a handy guide to the best products for Dad!

This year, we’ve made sure that everyone can enjoy the price reductions and give their father something special - so we have discounts available in Canada / U.K & EU. These deals are exclusive to the Community :slight_smile:

So, here’s the deals for the U.K :uk:

Product Name Amazon Link Discount(*% off) Discount Code Duration(6-15 > 6-22)
PB-Y13 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07BFWHH4T 25% off CT8F7ABT 6.15-6.22
PB-Y25 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07TDLW4T3 30% off 7IL7FTIX 6.15-6.22
PA-Y18 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07H8T7LCY 25% off YVDJ4HBM 6.15-6.22
PA-Y8 www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B073Z851J1 50% off COUPON 6.15-6.22

Next up, Canada. :canada:

Product Name Amazon Link Discount(*% off) Discount Code
PB-Y13 https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07B2W35NH 25% off 7IG3CWDS
PB-Y25 https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07T8GLHSY 25% off 7IG3CWDS
PA-Y17 www.amazon.ca/dp/B07LD7B3C7 10% OFF HUOXL4PE

And the E.U :ceuta_and_melilla: :it:

Product Name Amazon Link Discount(*% off) Discount Code
PB-Y13 https://www.amazon.it/dp/B07B4RQ47B 20% off TB3XR957
PA-Y12 https://www.amazon.es/dp/B07BK3TRCY 50% off O2ZXKPWJ
PA-Y12 https://www.amazon.it/dp/B07BK3TRCY?ref=myi_title_dp 50% off IEMDJYBX
PA-Y15 https://www.amazon.it/dp/B0799JH77K 40% off TJLDO6JT
PA-Y16 https://www.amazon.it/dp/B07JVJLY2S 55% off SRO7G2OZ
PA-Y16 https://www.amazon.es/dp/B07JVJLY2S 50% off CCMTBZ8E
CC-Y3 https://www.amazon.it/dp/B01AHYIN48 50% off OK8WFSCT
CC-Y10 https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B07Y1W5SK2 25% off HG2GWDUS
PA-Y21 www.amazon.it/dp/B07KZQT48G 60%off JOPCVKED
PA-Y11 https://www.amazon.it/dp/B076Q3KS6M 50%off 5A6N7GTT
PA-Y10 https://www.amazon.de/dp/B0757KZHQV 50%off MZWJOQ4M
PA-Y11 https://www.amazon.es/dp/B076Q3KS6M 55%off NVLBL7ZV
PA-Y21 www.amazon.es/dp/B07KZQT48G 50%off Q8CXL36M
PA-Y19 https://www.amazon.es/dp/B07KZN8FLJ 20%off 98O9M7MG

Remember that these prices are available from today (15th June) until 22nd June. Do not wait around! All items are in stock and can be with your Dad before Sunday :slight_smile:

:us: U.S Deals are to be announced on Wednesday :smiley:

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Excellent :+1:
I just bought the PA-Y8 27W PD charger, there was an additional 8 GBP voucher on Amazon so with exchange rate it came to 10.20 Euro

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That’s a great price! :clap:

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Yeah, I couldn’t believe it when I saw the extra 8 pound voucher, free delivery with Amazon Prime as well :grin:

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I guess I will have to wait a day or two, hope to see some fun stuff for the US wednesday… @JSH1973 sounds like you got a great deal.

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Mega Sale, a ton of products!! Some / all of these are going make anyone very happy :smiley:

Thank you @Dane

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Hope so too! :smiley:

Hi @Dane - I am in Canada and the Discount Codes for PB-Y13 and PB-Y25 do not work. I get this message from Amazon when I try to apply them:

There was a problem.

  • The promotional code you entered is not recognized

I’m having the same problem.

Hi guys. Let me look into this for you. :pray:

idk if you can but PB-Y13 and PB-Y25 will likely by the time the codes are updated, be sold out so possibly inventory update too?.

there was also a $10 off running, is there any way you can get that back too for the $16.99 price point :grin::sweat_smile::smile:

Ha. I’lll see what we can do - these deals were exclusive to here, I have no control over other deals or discounts running concurrently.

Thanks! @Dane

Were the US codes posted yet?

thanks and good luck. i’ll be checking to see if they start working again

Thanks for Canadian deals :bowing_man:
here is the link for the 3rd item listed.

I am looking for at least 60W USB-C charger for my laptop.

Item 1 is not available currently.

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Hi all! Here’s the U.S list of Father’s Day Gifts :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay! :smiley:

A little late, but better late than never. In our house, father’s day is celebrated with hugs and special food though, not gifts. So not going to be that helpful.