Faster connections on Hubs

Aukey, as a reference company in Hubs and cables, should bring more updated connections to the market
USB 3.2
HDMI 2.3
hdmi eARC
RJ45 at 1000Mbs and PoE.
Bluetooth 5
thunderbolt 3

8K 120Mhz TVs is already a reality

Android Tvs

Tip: faster is less time, busy communication channels

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Again, good suggestions. We’re always continuing to improve our technology, and use the latest specs or hardware for our products, such as GaN in our chargers. We’ll continue this on all of our future product ranges :slight_smile:

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customers, we are glad that you are in continuous improvements.
Although, considering the release dates of these technologies, we think you should give a little push to update the products.

realease dates:

USB 3.2 July 26, 2017

HDMI 2.1 January 4, 2017

RJ45 1000BASE-T (1999 - 802.3ab

Bluetooth v5.0 (2016-2017)
Thunderbolt 3 Since 2018 royalty free