Fake/similar to Aukey products

They do make them look very similar don’t they, if you think T18NC and T21 here.

By the way, you probably should not buy the above as they are very likely in their own “category” when it comes to quality.
Most people would probably figure that out by themselves but thought I might just point it out.
Do you reckon they are close enough look-alike products to be considered copies or just “inspired” a bit much?

Great work there in pointing out look-alikes @JSH1973 :+1:

May be @Dane_AUKEY can reach to Aukey Legal for some action games

Here’s another one I spotted today.
If nothing else, you have to give these people a little credit for effort :roll_eyes:


Did you look at the pictures of the glamour model in the first link? What were they thinking?

I don’t know how that sells anything. Do you want to look like this lunatic? Then wear our headphones!

Thanks for not going in that direction in your marketing, Aukey.

LOL. We won’t try this style unless we are to enter the fashion industry.

It’s glad to know if our earbuds do inspire the others. :smile:

it very funny though, they have absolutely no shame :joy: