Extend Your Warranty

Check out our new way to extend your warranty, simply jump onto Facebook and check out how to claim another 6 months!

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Hi @Dane_AUKEY,
Thank you for posting this great offer. Could you please explain more about it re my questions below? I’d also like to share my experience with it in the hopes my comments help Aukey improve the usability of future such offers.

  • WHAT ARE THE OFFER DETAILS? Once “subscribed” to the 6-month warranty extension (by entering email and name), what actually changes to the warranty for past and future Aukey purchases? Given the lack of explanation on the FB offer or the response provided when I “subscribed,” I am left ASSUMING that EVERY PAST previously purchased Aukey product and EVERY FUTURE purchased Aukey product will AUtOMATICALLY be granted an extra 6 months warranty period on top of the 24 month period that applies to all my US Amazon purchases. And, if I submit a warranty claim, Aukey will automatically recognize that my warranty period is 30 months, rather than 24. Is this correct?
  • Will my email entry for this specific "subscription’ be shared with other companies, or used for marketing purposes beyond the Aukey emails I already get? It would be more professional in my opinion, for Aukey to explain how one’s email will be used, when asking someone to input email. Perhaps, in this case, it’s merely kept in a warranty data table consulted during warranty claims, but the problem is that Aukey never explains what’s going on.
  • SUGGEST MORE PROFESSIONAL FACEBOOK ENGAGEMENT: Please encourage your marketing Deal content developers to provide a clear explanation of what is being offered or granted (6 month extension to something I buy right now from the Shop Now button? 6 month extension to things I already own? It was absolutely unclear). Please also follow-up with an email to confirm whatever it is I just “subscribed” to. If I didn’t already know and trust Aukey, I would not have signed up for this, because the extreme lack of detail about what was offered, and how my email was going to be used by Aukey, SEEMS like the cheap spammy click-bait offers of unscrupulous parties doing email harvesting. It just wasn’t professional seeming, which is quite distinct from the very professional Aukey products and packaging.

When I clicked the tiny URL in the FB ad you link to above, the FB ‘business’ page (that I’ve linked above) came up in a browser window on my Android phone. It was grossly enlarged and I couldn’t resize or navigate with the usual touchscreen functionality. The first time I tried, I never saw the three entry fields displayed, so I couldn’t figure out what action to take. I did see the Shop Now button, which made me wonder if I had to make a purchase in order to get a 6 month extension ON THAT PURCHASE ONLY. A bit later I tried again, and after figuring out how to move (but not resize) the gigantically zoomed page, I finally saw the entry fields and successfully signed up. This was just weird – Do you know whether the software and marketing teams are designing these business pages for use on mobile phones?

Again, I have the greatest respect and enthusiasm for Aukey products and support staff. I’ve been commenting on several frustrations over the past few days, and urging support for better online experience for mobile phone users interacting with Aukey. Please realize I offer these criticisms in the hopes your management can prioritize what I see as a couple weak spots in what’s otherwise a fantastic customer-oriented company. Thanks so much!

@SecurityDetail Thanks a lot for your detailed reply! Sorry for the delay - I’ve been away.

There’s a lot to digest here, so I think it’s best for me to share this with my team and we can get back to you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, @Dane_AUKEY. FWIW, I’ve gotten some very brief replies from my questions on the FB ad post. One said the 6 month extension would apply to past products that had not been registered on your site, as well as future purchases. I had constrained my question to purchases in the US on Amazon.

I see. Well, it’s best to chat directly with them via FB - as the team running social media are handling the management of the warranty :slight_smile: