Expedition Duo PD 39W Dual-Port PD Car Charger vs AmazonBasics USB-C Car Charger with 18W USB-C Port and 12W USB-A Port

There is a reason why I am comparing these two products today.

The Amazon Basics USB-C Car Charger with 18W USB-C Port and 12W USB-A Port is currently selling for $5.34 without a cable. With it, it is $14.99.

The AUKEY Expedition Duo PD 39W Dual-Port PD Car Charger sells for $21.09 on AUKEY’s site, $19.99 on Amazon’s website. (Not that I’m trying to deter from buying from AUKEY! GO TEAM AUKEY!!!)

Both come close to mentioning the same results of their chargers; fast charging, the capability of charging a USB-A device, and a USB-C device at the same time, with a few differences.

Amazon offers a cord. That’s it.

AUKEY provides adaptive charging and is also #25 in the Top 100 “Cell Phone Car Chargers” on Amazon. Guess where the AmazonBasics one is on the list? Nowhere! Not only that, AmazonBasics brand exclaims that it is compatible with most companies out there, but when you scroll down the page looking at comparisons to other car chargers when they talk about compatibility, IT’S BLANK!

My point? AUKEY is a much more reliable brand, so even if the dollar amount is a few more, it is definitely worth the extra money for the safety of your technology when you are mobile.

Amazonbasics as a whole works, but typically as the name suggests it is the most basic operationality. I have run some of their stuff and it works fine until it doesnt. Companies like Aukey have their hands in less markets and product lines, so they specialize a little better. This enables better testing, more reliability and also a better understanding of the market they are in. It isnt really worth the 25% lower cost when you are powering something that can be 50+ times more expensive. You dont want it to just work, you need it to always work right.

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