EV Cars - Future Plans

Hey All!

Seeing as we at Team AUKEY just won our very first Award at iF for our EV Charger and many of your responses whilst positive, mentioned how you’d buy an EV car in the future, it got me thinking what people’s thoughts are regarding EV’s.

I love them, personally, and i’ll be getting one as soon as I can!

So, please let us know a few things regarding EV’s :slight_smile:

When will you purchase your next/first EV car?

  • This year
  • Next year
  • 2-3 years
  • Unsure
  • Never
  • When they’re affordable

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I think we will get industrial scale production of self driving cars long before we can scale up electric vehicle production. Even if we get past range anxiety and recharge times, scaling up lithium production presents serious challenges.

And I am fine with that, because what I really want is a car that I don’t have to think about much - just take me to point B. No maintenance, filling up, insurance, worrying about charging. A self driving “taxi” can put whatever is most cost effective under the hood, and Uber, or Hertz, or GM can take care of maintenance and I will just pay for the ride. And it will probably still be cheaper than my current cost of ownership for a car, as they will be doing maintenance, and fueling, and insurance with economies of scale. And when it is cheaper to sell me a ride in an electric car than a gas car, it will happen naturally.

The best part is this whole transformation will do the most good for those who currently can’t afford a car, because it should drive the cost of convenient transportation down significantly.

That’s my soapbox, rant over…


I would like to wait and watch… Just bought my Honda SUV last year, so will need to wait for sometime for ROI :grin:

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My next SUV is going to be probably an electric vehicle

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I would love an EV but I wouldn’t pay for one brand new, simply because I don’t do enough driving to justify it

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You certainly touched on many points which I for one, 100% agree on.

Let’s hope that comes to be, especially when it comes to autonomous cars, cheaper costs for people and the need to no longer ‘own’ a car.

But, I don’t see that happening for at least another decade.

From an environmental point of view, I think EVs are great - so i’ll be getting a 2nd hand one like @JSH1973 said, unless they come drastically down in price, on par with other 'new cars.

No one wants this then… :laughing:

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I would LOVE a cyber truck but it’s one of those when I win the lottery things :confused:

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Yeah…I hear ya :frowning:

Who knows what the future holds.

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I agree autonomous cars are a long way off, but I’m kinda okay with that. I enjoy driving sometimes and would be hesitant to relinquish control lol.

I wouldn’t mind an ev though, as mentioned maybe in a few years the price will drop and charge stations are more common. In my area charging stations are scarce, people who have ev tend to only have a charger at their home. In order for me to get a ev, I would have to seek safe that I can charge when away form home.


The price may come down next few years as all auto manufacturers are investing in ev cars in the future.
And the gas stations are getting a makeover to have the super-turbo chargers to accommodate ev cars. at least they are targetting the main highways and dense populated areas to serve in the beginning then expand to other areas.


This is exactly the issue for adoption of EV… Hope these prices come down.

Going for second hand, there are lot of other issues such as battery life, warranty for the car… so for EV it is better to go with a new purchase unless the EV car company extends the coverage …

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I would be concerned the first person to see it would throw a bowling ball at my window just to see what happened. After the live demonstration failure, I don’t really want to be a part of that sort of mayhem…

I could see myself getting something in the next year or two, depending on how long my car will last in good condition

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Bowling ball…:laughing: You’re right, that’d be pretty bad! You never know, ey?

@CK-Techie Yup, that is a good reason to buy new, but with such a high cost, its hard to justify. I know European car manufacturers are bringing the cost down, with some hitting roughly 20,000 EUR, so $25,000ish, that isn’t bad. Good mileage too.

The newest update to the ‘ZOE’ range, can do up to 245 miles - decent enough for most people’s uses.


Going for a used car is not a safe bet as you don’t know the battery condition and to replace such thing it will cost you a fortune.
About the demonstration, how many of us needs/wants a bullet proof car? It’s good to have but that will be lot more expensive than a regular cybertruck.
And of course if they bring the prices down it will be awesome. But the problem is they are placed in a premium segment and when you compare the other brands in that segment, it’s well worth the money considering the safety and economy of the car.
Definitely, we cannot compare a Tesla with Honda/Toyota.


Agreed. Different price points for different brands - totally with you on that point.

I look forward to other car makers getting involved, helping the price to be driven down by further competition and innovation :smiley: