EP-T31 on Windows 10

I’ve just got the Aukey EP-T31 and they work fine on my Android but I can’t get any sound on Windows.
I want to use it for Teams and Skype calls. I’ve read on this forum that some models are not compatible with calls on Windows (why’s that, it’s supposed to be just an output and input device through bluetooth).

Can someone confirm whether this model works on Windows for both regular audio and calls? If so, how? Is there any driver needed?
Otherwise I’ll have to return it. Nowhere on Amazon said that it wasn’t Windows compatible…

Hi @eparizzi,

Thanks for joining the Community. EP-T31 does support connecting to Windows. Before you connect the earbuds to your Windows, you need to erase the pairing history of your Android(the reset instruction is in the user’s manual).

But I want to use it for both Android and Windows. Isn’t enough to disable Bluetooth on my phone?

Anyway, the problem is not pairing. I can pair it on Windows, but no sound come out of the earbuds.

As you can see here, the headphones are paired, the output device is selected and it seems to be getting audio from Windows, but there’s no sound.

Also, I don’t understand why there are two different output devices:
AUKEY EP-T31 Stereo
AUKEY EP-T31 Hands-Free AG Audio

The first one doesn’t produce any sound. The second one does sound but with really bad quality and a constant high-pitched background noise.

And the fruit of the cake, when using it on my Android for whatsapp video calls, it’s not picking up the microphone. It’s just using the phone’s mic.

Hi @eparizzi,

We are sorry about the bad experience. Please contact support@aukey.com about the problem, they will help you.