Ep-t27 not pairing

I tried resetting them several times. But I cannot get to pair them together. Followed the instructions to the letter. Also procedures of other similar types. But can only pair them separately.

Help would be appreciated.

Hi @Jeannarcpeters,

Thanks for joining the community. When you said, “can only pair them separately”. Is it only left one, or right one, or they switch from time to time?

I can pair both seperately. One at a time.

Hi @Jeannarcpeters,

Thanks for the reply. Usually resetting should fix your problem. Can you try to delete the pairing option on your device bluetooth? Then, clear the earbuds’ paring history again. Make sure the earbuds is fully charged, and connect them again?

I did. Several times. Turn on and hold until 2nd Chime. Then place in case and charge fully. Open case, take out right. Pair. Take out left. But it keeps showing them both, without coupling them to one another.

Hi @Jeannarcpeters,

You should take them both out first, and then pair them. Can you erase the pairing on your phone, and try again?

Same result unfortunately.

Hi @Jeannarcpeters,

Sorry about the inconvenience. Please contact support@aukey.com about your problem, they will help you.