EP-T25 Left earbud keeps disconnecting

I ordered these earbuds not too long ago and they were working fine, but I started using them today and suddenly the left earbud won’t stay connected. It keeps disconnecting and powering off after a few seconds. I’ve tried getting them to full charge, restarting them and my phone, even forgetting them from my device and reconnecting, but still the same results.

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Same issue here - nothing seems to work. Appreciate any assistance.

I have the same issue. Support, please support!!!

Hello ! Found out what the problem, at least in my case, was. Left earbuds didn’t charge anymore because one of the tiny pieces of metal needed to make contact is missing!

i have the same issue, disconnects within 30min of use and dies. Also, when it disconnects and reconnects, the volume on my device resets to 100%