EP-T25 Earbuds do not work


I have the Aukey EP-T25 headphones. For a few days there is no way to turn on. The box is full of battery but they do not respond to anything.

They also do not appear on any bluetooth device.

I’ve only used them once!

Is there a way to restart them?

Thank you very much!!

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Please check your manual and see what the troubleshooting methods are. Once you go through them, ensure that everything is fully charged.

If you still have an issue, please contact support - support@aukey.com

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Fixed up!! The headphones have a plastic in the charging area. If it is not removed they do not charge. Looks like a joke. It costs nothing to put it in the instruction book …

Thank you.

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Oh right! Wow.

I’ll share this with our team to update the manual.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention - glad you got it working :pray:


Hi there,
I’ve got the same issue. I can’t see any plastic in the charging area. The earbuds paired once with only one working, then after clearing the pairing with my phone, I managed to only once rediscover the earbuds on my phone, and they wouldn’t connect. Now I cleared the pairing on my phone again, and they just won’t re-pair. I’ve also touched the outside for 10 secs to clear the pairing on the earbuds. I heard a couple of noises coming from them, but now, nothing. Case is fully charged. Help. Is there a factory reset?! I’ve never had pairing issues before with other devices.

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Exact same problem for me. Paired once. Flaked out. Cannot pair them again. Please advise.

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Hey, I fixed my problem. It was just what everyone else had already said, this plastic that everyone mentioned. Mine wasn’t in the charging area. But across the contact point on the earbuds. Don’t know how I managed to pair them and use them once before I found it, but I did. It’s a blue colored plastic film, and you can see it if you shine a flashlight on it…I looked for the “plastic” when other people spoke of it, but it’s pretty invisible, so worth checking!

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Remove plastic on the earbuds.

Earbuds worked for me at start, but eventually it kept dying on me.

After removing plastic, works perfectly.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!! That was my problem also. I had know idle about the blue plastic.
Thanks again.

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Check for plastic on the earbuds it self. That’s were mine was.

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my co-worker bought the same ones but one of them didn’t work for him. I finally solved it as follows: I put the two earphones in the box, unpaired them from the device, opened the box and without taking them out, I touched both touch areas of the earphones at the same time until I heard the pairing sound a couple of times (and / or reset sound). and voilà! I paired again and they already work.

I’m so great surprised by this buds that I bought two pairs for me and one for my sister.

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to this thread. That little blue translucent plastic covering is next to impossible to see until you scratch it up with your fingernail. It tightly covers the 2 little contact points. So glad I don’t have to send these back.

This fixed it for me. I was about to send them back. You have to look carefully. I used the flashlight on my iPhone and some tweezers to pick off the plastic. As soon as I had done that, they worked fine. They should mention this in the instructions. Thanks for the solution.