EP-T25 Earbuds do not work


I have the Aukey EP-T25 headphones. For a few days there is no way to turn on. The box is full of battery but they do not respond to anything.

They also do not appear on any bluetooth device.

I’ve only used them once!

Is there a way to restart them?

Thank you very much!!


Please check your manual and see what the troubleshooting methods are. Once you go through them, ensure that everything is fully charged.

If you still have an issue, please contact support - support@aukey.com


Fixed up!! The headphones have a plastic in the charging area. If it is not removed they do not charge. Looks like a joke. It costs nothing to put it in the instruction book …

Thank you.

Oh right! Wow.

I’ll share this with our team to update the manual.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention - glad you got it working :pray:

Hi there,
I’ve got the same issue. I can’t see any plastic in the charging area. The earbuds paired once with only one working, then after clearing the pairing with my phone, I managed to only once rediscover the earbuds on my phone, and they wouldn’t connect. Now I cleared the pairing on my phone again, and they just won’t re-pair. I’ve also touched the outside for 10 secs to clear the pairing on the earbuds. I heard a couple of noises coming from them, but now, nothing. Case is fully charged. Help. Is there a factory reset?! I’ve never had pairing issues before with other devices.