EP-T25 buds not pairing

Just purchased and won’t pair with either I phone or I pad or android phone buds charged but not showing on pairing phones, please helpJames1

Hi @James1

Please read through the guide of the earbuds and on here, as there are numerous discussions about it. If you’ve ran through all of the troubleshooting issues, I recommend that you message us via the support email - support@aukey.com - as this will be best for these kinds of technical questions. :pray:

Hi won’t pair with any of my devices and when I look on your website they are not even listed on your product range. Will e-mail my issues

Just bought EP-T25. they just paired onde. Now they are not pairing anymore, My bluetooth (Mac or iPhone) can’t find the earphones anymore

Hi @plancastre

Please do check this forum for troubleshooting threads, it’s possible that someone has already found a solution.

If you still cannot get them to work, drop us an email - support@aukey.com