EP-T21S Painfully Loud Bluetooth Connected/Disconneted Alert Problem

I am afraid to use these “AUKEY EP-T21S Earbuds” for fear that these BLUETOOTH CONNECTION ALERTS that it creates when they are in my ears, will damage my hearing. For Example. . .If a podcast ends and I am dozing off to sleep or distracted, then the “AUKEY EP-T21S Earbuds” will Automatically disconnect bluetooth and also make that extremely loud Disconnected Alert (Shoooook! Click click. . .click) in my ear canal. I can turn OFF “EVERY VOLUME CONTROL” on my paired (and connnected) mobile phone and it does NOT affect the VOLUME OF THESE ALERTS that are generated when these “AUKEY EP-T21S Earbuds” are either connected or disconnected from the paired mobile phone.
I measured the MAXIMUM sound of the “AUKEY EP-T21S Earbuds” BLUETOOTH CONNECTION ALERT to be at a Maximum of 105db of sound when “AUKEY EP-T21S” earbud pushed up against the “microphone of an android phone with a decibel measuring app”. ***NOTE: Yelling at about my loudest into this “microphone of an android phone with a decibel measuring app” at about “0.25” inch from mic only registered at MAX=95db .
I cannot find any reference to this “BLUETOOTH CONNECTION ALERTS” in the “AUKEY EP-T21S Earbuds User Manual”.
I am confounded that other reviews are not mentioning this problem. If anyone has a comment or solution relative to this problem I would be glad to hear it. Thanks.