EP-T21: the left earbud is OFF

I have just received my EP-T21 earbuds today. I charged and then successfully paired them to my devices. But while the right one seems to work fine, the left one is always off, no red nor green light, no sound.


Did you fully charge them when you opened them?
I know it sounds like a stupid question but it could just be a dead battery.

I couldn’t help myself and just bought a pair of T21 on Amazon for 25.95 but won’t have them until the end of the week or maybe early next week.
Let us know if you figure it out before the support people arrive, there a couple of Aukey support here as you have probably spotted already.

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Thanks, Jesper, the problem seems the left earbud’s battery never charged. I have never been able to see any led red nor green in it. I let it in charge all night with no signs of activity.

Congratulations on your purchase​:+1::ok_hand:… Now we can get faster responses n such questions

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Well hopefully I won’t have any problems with them :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve been curious about them for a while and they get good reviews so when I was browsing around to see if I could find some troubleshooting for them, the Amazon UK popped up with the 4 quid off the 29.95 price and I have Prime for free delivery so just pulled the trigger on them.

Nice with the purchase! Do let us know what your thoughts are :smiley:

@marcostara any updates with the charge status?

Please check other threads about these and troubleshoot. If you’re experiencing further problems, let us know here and we can share to Customer Support :slight_smile:

have you checked that there isn’t a little piece of plastic covering the connection points in the box or on the buds for charging them?
Happened to me on a cheap pair I bought (different brand) , plastic was only on one of them and was very easily missed.

Hi Dane, some progress here. After a further charge, this morning I managed to get both earbuds working. For some reason, it seems that the left is discharged before the right. Now I have put them back in charge again. At least now I see both lights on.

Excellent, hope it resolves it completely :+1:
It’s not uncommon for one earbud to go slightly lower than the other on charge but only within 5% or less.

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Thank you Jesper.

Oh that’s fantastic. I actually have the same pair and i’ve not had this happen before. Keep an eye on this though :slight_smile:
Thanks for letting us know!