EP-T21 syncing issue (only one earbud pairs at a time)


I have a problem that has been repeatedly described in the support threads: the wireless earbuds EP-T21 don’t sync with one another and appear twice on any bluetooth device I’m trying to connect them to. Both will play music, but only one at a time (depending which I connect).

I have tried all the suggestions made in the earlier threads (linked below):

  • switching them off first,
  • then a hard factory-reset on each,
  • deleting earbuds from paired devices,
  • taking them out of case simultaneously to allow them to sync with one another first (with no other bluetooth device in reach).

However, they never actually successfully sync with one another (and they don’t show the green-red flashing). Having tried everything repeatedly, I’m thinking its a hardware issue. Can someone from Aukey get in touch please?


Earlier troubleshooting threads for this issue:

Hi radotage

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I known you said any device but then you mentioned the laptop, there was another member recently that successfully resolved this issue by installing new/different drivers on his laptop, have you tried thish approach yet?
What make laptop is it?


Thanks for your reply! The issue appears in attempting to pair with both an Android phone and a Windows 10 desktop. (The mention of a laptop is one of the resolved threads I referred to for solutions, but none of the ones that worked for others eem to solve my problem.)

The device “AUKEY EPT-T21” shows up twice in the bluetooth pairing menu, and depending on which one I choose, one or the other earbud will work, but never both.


Hi!! Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing similar issues as you’ve described above. @Kelly_AUKEY should be informed about this issue and will get in contact with you soon.

Hi Radotage,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. From the details that you’ve provided, I suggest you contact this email directly: support@aukey.com We provide a two-year warranty service.

Just out of curiosity, do you make sure they are deleted/unpaired from first device before trying to pair with another one?

Yes, as in I set them to “Forget” in the device’s bluetooth menu.

Yep that was it, at least that is ruled out.
Hopefully Support can figure it out.
I have a pair from a different brand that shows both L and R in the Bluetooth menu on my phone and as far as I know it is common enough with earbuds that can be used individually.

I had the same problem. Could only connect to each earbud separately.
The problem was they were not in sync with each other from the box.
After two days of trying I solved it:
-First do the factory reset thing
-Put them in the box
-Turn off all bluethooth devices nearby
-Take out the left one first, and wait for it to start blinking
-Take out the right one (but as you take it out press the touch pad for one or two seconds)

They should connect, it’s a bit weird but it worked for me.

Hope it hepls.


@mig.fei Thanks for that info!

I am sure that this should help the rest of the people that are experiencing this issue. I’ve pinned it so that others can find this. Thanks a lot! :pray:

I’ve also let @Simon_AUKEY know so that he can chat with the product dev guys to see if this is a known issue.

Thanks so much, but it still doesn’t seem to resolve the issue for me. I just can’t get them to sync with one another, and whenever I try to connect them to a bluetooth device they show up twice and only one or the other will connect and play sound.

I am really sorry to hear that. Please contact our CS specialist @Kelly_AUKEY to get your pair a replacement.

I am having this exact same problem but with my iPhone. I can pair one with the device but I can’t get the earbuds T21 to pair to each other. I have tried doing the factory reset. Getting my iPhone to forget them and starting from the beginning.

Nothing seems to be working. Please help! TIA

I had the left one with no sound the other day but putting my finger on the touch control made it pair up and no problem since, it is the only hiccup I have had since I got them.

Hi @Emily1 sorry to hear about this issue you’re having.

I’ve let our CS team know - @Kelly_AUKEY should be in touch :slight_smile:

Thanks Dane. No one has been in touch yet. Do you know when I might expect it? TIA

HI @Emily1

Sorry to hear you’ve not had a direct response. I’ll personally ensure they get to message you tomorrow as the customer team are offline at present.

If you have further requests, please email us at support@aukey.com :pray:

I’m having an issue with my iPhone 8. Each earbuds (T21) wants to pair separately.

Im having same issue with only one earbud at a time with my ep t16 earbuds when tryin to connect to anything other than my phone. Also have the issue of no sound coming from left earbud when connected to my phone. Ive done all the steps suggested several times to no avail. Please help… Ty