EP-T21 right earphone button does not work

Hi there!
I got a new pair of EP-T21 and I figured out that the right earphone sensor button does not work.
I tried to reset the earphones as prescribed but only left earphone was able to do so.
Basically the right earphone does not react to touches and taps, no matter how long or how frequent they are.
Any ideas what else I can try?

Hi @deadmoto

It seems that the sensor is faulty, but there may be troubleshooting methods that I’m not aware of.

Please contact us directly via email - support@aukey.com and they’ll either offer you troubleshooting methods or a replacement. :pray:

Hi @Dane_AUKEY,

I will do as you suggested and post an update once I hear back.

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Okay thanks :slight_smile:

I reached out to support via email.
They could only offer a replacement.

Oh I see…

Well at least that’s a resolution :pray: