EP-T21 requires repairing often

I have a new pair of T21’s. I want to use them with my iPhone and Mac. I find that I have to remove them from one device to then repair them with the other and vice versa. Very messy, slow and inefficient. In addition they do not automatically reconnect with whatever device they were last used with. What do I need to do?

Hi @Jlewis166

All of our main features and troubleshooting can be found in our manual.

I’ve also asked my colleague @Simon_AUKEY to look into this further for you.

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Well, sorry about the inconvenience caused by this connectivity flaw that exists in almost all truly wireless earbuds except AirPods. So my suggestion is to get yourself another pair to stay productive while multitasking on various devices, or simply invest in a pair of AirPods to make everything smooth.

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