EP-T21 problem with volume and microphone when not connecting to handy


I bought the EP-T21 and with my handy they work just great. Also with my tablet. But when connected to my TV or a windows 10 PC I got no sound. I finally found out why. In android I have the volume very low. It seems as if the setting is saved as maximum volume when you connect the earbuds to the TV or the PC, so I can’t hear anything. Volume slider doesn’t help. Solution was to fire the volume up in android to max. After that, I could hear on WIndows 10. TV ist still to be tested. Am I doing anything wrong or is this a SW problem?

One thing I couldn’t solve:
To my Windows 10 PC I can connect and everything is shown right but I cannot get the mic to work. On the handy it works fine. I adjusted the microphone to the headphone device in W10 as shown in anothr thread here and I can tell from a bit of noise in the earbud that the pc connects and trys to get sound from the mic, but it gets none. Is it possible that I have the same problem her than I had with the volume? Can android control the microphone volume and Windows 10 for some reason can’t? Is there a way to do a fatory reset of the earbuds, maybe this would help.

Thank you very much!

Hi @Goger

Thanks for your question. There seems to be some connectivity issues with some devices, as we’ve seen from other posts. I’ve added our CS team member @Kelly_AUKEY to help with this.

Please bare with us - thanks! :pray:


any new on this?

Hi @Goger

Seems this could be a fault. Please visit our website and submit a support request. :frowning:

I tried, I get an error message “The operation failure”…

Hmmm. This happens on certain browsers. Please email us at support@aukey.com :slight_smile: